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Buy your Serrano Shoulder Ham Online

Eating serrano shoulder ham, like eating ham in general, is one of the most usual hobbies of Spanish people. Maybe there are other things that we are bad at, but we are the best in those matters concerning gastronomy.

The serrano shoulder ham is, probably, the great unknown of our Spanish gastronomy. The truth is that we don’t usually hear things such as “we are going to eat serrano shoulder ham”, but we actually hear “we are going to eat ham”. We have a wide variety of cheap shoulders. If you want to get to know our variety of pork shoulder, you can check it right here.

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Buy Serrano pork shoulder at a good price and quality

The serrano shoulder ham is, probably, the great unknown of our Spanish gastronomy. The truth is that we don’t usually hear things such as “we are going to eat serrano shoulder ham”, but we actually hear “we are going to eat ham”. We have a wide variety of cheap shoulders. If you want to get to know our variety of pork shoulder, you can check it right here.

It is also usual to be offered serrano ham instead of shoulder in restaurants. I think that this is something mostly cultural, the word ham sells more than the word shoulder. It is true that the shoulder and the ham are virtually the same thing, but there are some differences that make ham way more popular. But, if we only eat ham, ¿where does white ham shoulder go? I am going to tell you a secret, the same amount of cured shoulders and ham shoulders are produced from pork.

I'm sure that many of us, if they put a plate of pork shoulder on the table, wouldn't be able to identify it. Even though we knew that we are being offered a tapa of serrano shoulder ham, I am sure that we couldn’t deny it. I have heard strange things, but I have never heard anyone rejecting a good shoulder ham.

What is a serrano shoulder ham?

We could say that the serrano shoulder ham is the final product obtained from the curation of the pigs’ legs or front haunches. A pork shoulder goes from the hoof until the scapula or shoulder. The curation process of the serrano shoulders and hams comes from centuries ago and it arises from the difficulties that they had in the ancient times for preserving the meat of the animals that they had sacrificed.

In order to cure a shoulder, the first thing you have to do is to cut it and wash it properly, so every kind of impurities are removed. Secondly, the product is salted, so, bit by bit, the water is drawn, and it is preserved for more time. After that, there comes the post-salting and drying processes, which benefits the correct dehydrating of the pork haunches. Finally, the ageing process is carried out, which provides the cured shoulder with the flavour, scent and consistency. It is a long process, although it is a bit shorter for serrano shoulder hams, as their weight is not usually over 5.5 kg. This is a “very basic” summary of the elaboration of curation ham. However, in Gastronomic Spain you can see how a ham is cured, which is an identical process.

For many of us, a shoulder ham and a ham are visually the same, but the shoulder is a bit smaller. That is why many people calls it ham or shoulder ham.

Differences between Serrano shoulder ham and Ibérico shoulder ham: pork’s breed

The main difference between a serrano shoulder and an Ibérico shoulder is the breed of the animal. An Ibérico shoulder includes all shoulders which are between 50% and 100% Iberian breed. Whereas the serrano shoulders come from white pig, which encompass the rest of shoulders. We are not going to detail the different Ibérico shoulders we can find. However, in the case of white pigs, the most popular breeds are duroc and landrace. In the case of duroc pigs, they are used for the crossbreed with Iberian breed, and they provide the serrano shoulder ham duroc. Landrace pig, as well as duroc pig, is the breed that the ranchers love the most and it is very popular in some designations of origins such as Ham from Teruel.

Serrano shoulder ham vs. Serrano ham

Which are the differences between serrano shoulder ham and serrano ham? I think everyone has ever asked this question. The differences are clear, especially when you have in front of you a cured ham and a serrano shoulder ham.

Different meats of ham:

As you know, the serrano ham is obtained from the pigs’ rear haunches, while the serrano shoulder comes from the pigs’ front legs. Even though they are visually similar, this makes their structure and the kind of meat which forms them very different.

It cannot be determined which meat is better, as it goes with the tastes of each person and it also depends on their curation processes.

The size of the shoulder ham:

The ham is way bigger than the shoulder. A medium cured ham usually weights over 7.5 kg., whereas a medium shoulder weights 5 kg. The ham is longer, its length is about 90 cm.; whereas the shoulder ham has a length of about 70 cm. Logically, there are exceptions, and we can find shoulders of 7 kg., but the ham obtained from the same pig will be much bigger.

Amount of fat

The ham is less fatty than the shoulder. When starting a shoulder or a ham, we will see that the ham has a part of superficial fat and other part of infiltrated fat. In the case of the shoulder, the biggest part of fat is on the surface. This causes that, when we start to cut the shoulder, we have to remove part of it.

Shoulder’s and ham’s bones

This is the determining aspect which differences hams and shoulders. The ham bones are different to those of the shoulder. In the case of the shoulder, these are crosswise. This makes the cutting more difficult and much harder than cutting a ham. This is why we don’t usually see cut shoulder in restaurants or banquets.

Why is ham shoulder cheaper than ham?

After seeing the differences between serrano shoulder ham and serrano ham, you will understand why a shoulder is cheaper than a ham. The reasons which make a shoulder cheaper than a ham are the mentioned below:

    • The shoulder is fattier than ham, which makes some consumers deny it, as they don’t like marbling.
    • You can take less profit from the meat of a serrano shoulder than from a serrano ham. You can take profit of around the 50% of ham. This means that, if the ham weights 7.5 kg., you will use 3.75 kg of ham. Whereas from you will take around 55% or 60% of the shoulder, but the shoulder has more shrinkage than ham.
    • The shoulder is harder to cut with knife than ham. Cutting a shoulder with knife and taking the maximum profit of it requires skills and expertise. This makes that we find shoulders sliced with a machine, while we usually find ham cut by knife or with a slicer.

Benefits of ham shoulder

From all the benefits which provides the shoulder, the one that I value the most is that it makes us happy and it helps to beat depression and stress. This is because eating ham keeps the levels of tryptophan, the amino acid which precedes serotonin. Eat ham and be happy.

1. It cause happiness. It helps you to get over stress ans choresterol.

2. It helps to improve the levels of choresterol

3. It is a source of B complex vitamins (B1, B2, B3 and B6) and vitamin D.

4. It's a rich source of easy assimilate proteins.

5. It provides many minerals (iron, zinc, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, potassium...).

6. It can prevent vascular illness, as it has a high content of polyphenols, which have antioxidant and anti-inflamatory effects.

7. It has low levels of carbohydrates. 

8. It is perfect to prevent osteoporosis.

How to cut a serrano shoulder ham?

On the website we explain you how to open a shoulder and how to cut a serrano shoulder. With our guidelines it will be easy to start the ham and to cut it, so you only leave the bone. You will also learn how to place the shoulder in the ham holder.

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