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There are different ham knives for each cut, either boning filleting or peeling

It is very difficult to say which one is the best ham knife. There are many brands, from our point of view, the Arcos ham knife is one of the most complete ones. Its length and cutting edge make it ideal for filleting different types of ham.

To peel the ham, a rigid knife with wide blade is ideal. This knife will allow you to remove the rind of the ham in a comfortable and precise way

Secondly, we will need a puntilla knife, this is a rigid knife with a very short blade. This knife is ideal to profile the bones of the ham and it facilitates filleting.

Finally, we need a ham knife. This is the knife we use to fillet the ham. It is an elongated knife, with a thin and flexible blade.

How to sharpen a ham knife?

The ham knife, just like the other knives that we will use to cut a ham, is sharpened with a wet water sharpening stone. We have to place the stone in front of us and hold the knife with both hands with the edge. The movement of the sharpening has to be from side to side encompassing the entire edge and pulling the knife away from our body, against the edge.

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Buying a Ham Knife Online

Big offer of the different knives you need to cut ham.

There are different ham knives for each cut, such as boning, or slicing and skinning.

The ham knives are essentials to cutting a good piece of ham on a ham holder or a board (if talking about a piece of ham). There are different knives to cut ham depending on the area that is being cut: wrecker knife, paring knife and ham knife, all of them are important.

Characteristics of the Arcos ham knife

It is highly complicated to determine which ham knife is the best one. There are many brands, but the best one yet is the Arcos ham knife as it is one of the most perfect one.

The knife brand Arcos is an Spanish one located in the Albacete region, known for their knife variety and the steel utensils forged there for centuries.

The Arcos knives are characterised for their great quality, a very sharpened blade and with a price range that makes them affordable for everyone.

Arcos is also the most international Spanish knife brand, being a synonym of quality, it offers knives for different prices starting with one pretty reduced yet with a good cut guaranteed.

Types of knives used to cut a ham

At the moment of cutting a ham one needs to use different knives to be able to, in the easiest of ways take the most out of the ham. For that reason, we can differentiate three types of knives needed in the process: wrecker knife, paring knife and ham knife.

Characteristics of the wrecker knife

To skin the ham, it is ideal to have a rigid knife with a wide blade. This knife will allow to take out the ham’s rind easily and precisely. This is the wrecker knife.

Characteristics of the paring knife

Secondly, it will be needed the paring knife, which is a rigid knife with a short and narrow blade. This knife is ideal to outline the ham bones and make easier the task of slicing.

Characteristics of the ham knife

Lastly, it will be needed the ham knife. This is the knife used to slice the ham, which is a long, flexible knife with a thin blade.

Types of Arcos Knives we offer

As it has been mentioned before, the Arco ham knives are the best of the best, that is why Gastronomic Spain offers a great variety of knives for you to be able to cut the ham and not wreck it. We offer different groups of Arcos knives and in all of them you will find a wrecker knife, paring knife and ham knife.

• Riviera Model

• Universal Model

• Series 2900 Model

• Maitre Model

• Atlantic Model

• Brooklyn Model

Ham knife sharpener: what it is and how it is sharpened

The ham knife as the rest of knives being used to cut a ham is sharpened with a wet sharpening stone. We need to place the stone in front of us and the knife has to be held from the edge with both hands. The movement has to go from one side to the other driving it away from our bodies and against the edge of the knife.

This would be the traditional method, yet there also are utensils as knives sharpeners with an ergonomic handle and a slip-resistant base to easily sharpen the knife.

We can’t forget either the sharpening steel, the perfect utensil for the maintenance of a perfect edge. It is a 230x10 mm rounded blade.

Buying Arcos ham knife

You don’t have to keep looking, buy your Arcos ham knife in our online store. Different models for different uses, yet always with the best price and quality