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Albarracín Cheese Gold Semi-cured

230 gr.
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Buy Semi-mature cheese from Albarracín at the best price:

If you are looking for one of Spain's most internationally awarded cheeses, semi-mature cheese from Albarracín is the cheese for you. The cheese factory from Albarracín makes artisan cheeses with their own identity and exquisite flavor.

The semi-mature cheese from Albarracín is elaborated with raw sheep milk obtained from its own livestock. Controlling the feeding and care of the sheeps, a cheese with an unique taste, aroma and texture is obtained.

Enjoy a jewel of Spanish gastronomy, but especially Aragonese one. Together with ham from Teruel, they form the perfect tandem to enjoy Spanish aperitif moments from anywhere in Europe.

The cheese from Albarracín “Gold Tag” is top quality and has an excellent flavor. Enjoy it thanks to Gastronomic Spain’s online store, as well as many other typical products from Aragón.

Characteristics of Semi-mature cheese from Albarracín:

The semi-mature cheese from Albarracín is elaborated, paying attention to each detail. Their commitment to quality and perfection has led them to have their own sheep farm, from which they obtain 100% of the milk they use to make their cheeses. This results in a unique cheese that will not go unnoticed by any palate.

Curing and elaboration:

It is a cheese made with raw sheep milk of pressed pasta. It is matured for 6 months for the large cheeses from which this wedge is obtained, which can be described as a cheese between semi-mature and cured.

Texture and appearance:

This wedge of cheese stands out for its straw-yellow rind, which gradually fades to a lighter one on the inside. It has a consistent texture due to the undergone curing process of 6 months. It is not as soft as other semi-mature cheeses, but neither is it as hard as cured cheeses.

Taste and smell:

The cheese stands out for a typical taste of semi-mature cheeses, but on mouth it acquires nuances that are usually perceived in more cured cheeses. It has a typical smell of raw sheep's milk, intense and full of character.


The cheese comes in a wedge of 350 gr, obtained from a weight around 2.3 kg. It is packed in a vacuum.

The most awarded cheese of Spain:

Despite Quesos de Albarracín being a young cheese factory, in a short time it has become the most internationally awarded Spanish cheese factory. In the World Cheese Awards, they have been recognised with the gold medal several years in a row for semi-mature cheese as well as for other references.

Ingredients of Semi-mature cheese from Albarracín:

The semi-mature cheese from Albarracín is made with raw sheep's milk, rennet and preservatives E-1105 (lysozyme) and E-252 (potassium nitrate), lactic ferments and salt.

It is gluten-free and its rind is edible.

Irresistible to any palate!

230 g. net weight (approx.)

Wedge format

Vacuum packed

Sierra de Albarracín cheese

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230 gr.
sheep's milk, dairy ferments and salt
vacuum packed
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Craftsman Cheese

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