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Cured Cheese

250 gr
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Cured cheese is a mixed cheese with a pleasant flavour, a firm and versatile texture. It is a perfect cheese to enjoy at any time of the day, either as a snack or as an accompaniment to a glass of wine. The mixed cheese is given by the different pasteurized milks used: cow (45% min), sheep (20% min) and goat (20% min).

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What is Cured Cheese and its characteristics

Our cured cheese is one of the most special, popular and prominent cheeses in Spanish gastronomy. A type of Spanish cheese highly acclaimed by all palates for its exquisite flavour.

It is called cured cheese because of its curing time, a time that ranges between 4 and 7 months. During this curing time, this type of cured cheese acquires specific characteristics that give it excellent quality.

  • During its curing period, it loses a large part of the water and, therefore, acquires a firm and drier texture than other cheeses such as semi-cured or tender.
  • Also, due to this dehydration, cured cheese is a little fatter and thanks to this amount of fat it can be kept for longer.
  • Both the flavour and the aroma are intense and strong in character but balanced on the palate.
  • Our cured cheese is made with three types of pasteurized milk: cow (45%), sheep (20%) and goat (20%).
  • Vacuum packed, in 250 gr. wedge format and comes from Quesos Albéniz.

* It is advisable to keep in the refrigerator between 2º and 8º C. Temper and open 10 minutes before being consumed.

Ingredients of Cured Cheese

Pasteurized cow’s (45% min), sheep’s (20% min) and goat’s (20% min) milk, salt, calcium chloride, rennet and dairy ferments (milk).

It is recommended not to eat the rind: preservatives E-235 and E-202, colouring E-172.

Origin of milk: Spain

Benefits of Cured Cheese

Cured Cheese is beneficial for our health. As it has a long curing time, it contains less water and serum, and is therefore rich in fat and protein.

Important Benefits:

  1. Combat bone diseases: thanks to its contribution of calcium and other minerals, cured cheese can help prevent some pathologies.
  2. Great ally against anaemia: helps combat anaemia thanks to its high mineral content. It is also a good source of zinc, iron, calcium, and phosphorus.
  3. Functioning of the metabolism: the contribution of vitamins A, B, D and E helps to regulate our metabolism.
  4. Digestive: cured cheese has lactose, but a low content, therefore, it feels better and is more digestive.

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250 gr. net weight (approximate)

Wedge format

Vacuum packed

Quesos Albéniz

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Data sheet

250 gr
Pasteurized cow, sheep and goat milk, salt, calcium chloride, lysozyme, rennet, lactic ferments
Contains lactose, eggs and/or derivates

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Cured Cheese