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Don Cayo Semi-cured Manchego Cheese 1 kg.

1 kg.
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Buy Don Cayo Semi-cured Manchego Cheese 1 kg. online at a good price

At Gastronomic Spain we have the best Spanish products with the best quality. Don Cayo Manchego semi-cured cheese is one of those products that is always present in our lives. It is the perfect Spanish aperitif for all kinds of plans.

Our Don Cayo semi-cured Manchego cheese is half a piece, approximately 1 kg. It is made with pasteurized La Mancha sheep's milk and has a curing period of between 3 and 5 months. It is part of the Manchego Cheese Designation of Origin and has been awarded several times by the World Cheese Awards.

Don Cayo Semi-cured Manchego Cheese 1 kg. buy online at the best price

The Don Cayo Semi-cured Manchego Cheese that we have at Gastronomic Spain is of the highest quality. It is a type of semi-cured Manchego cheese of half a piece, approximately 1 kg. net weight. And it is perfect for lovers of Spanish cheese.

Our Manchego cheese is from Don Cayo, one of the most prestigious brands in Spain and part of the Manchego Cheese Designation of Origin. In addition, Don Cayo has a multitude of awards at the World Cheese Awards, reaching the gold medal with the semi-cured cheese offered by Gastronomic Spain.

Don Cayo is part of the De La Huz cheese factory, belonging to the Regulatory Council since its foundation and in charge of the manufacturing processes combining artisan tradition with new technologies.

But in addition, in our online store you can also find many other types of high quality La Mancha cheeses. As well as many other typical products of Spanish gastronomy. Thousands of ingredients await you with FREE shipping anywhere in Europe.

Characteristics of Don Cayo Semi-cured Manchego Cheese

Don Cayo's excellent semi-cured Manchego cheese is made with pasteurized La Mancha sheep's milk, an essential requirement for it to be part of the Denomination of Origin. As it is a DO Manchego cheese, it will present special characteristics and will be sealed both on the commercial label, back label and logo.

It is characterized by being a pressed paste cheese, with a maturation of between 3 and 5 months, a color from ivory white to ivory-yellowish and a slightly acidic, pleasant and delicious flavor.

Another characteristic presented by Don Cayo Manchego Semicurado cheese is its peculiar texture: with a buttery and somewhat mealy sensation.

Our half-cured Manchego cheese is perfect to share in special moments, accompanied by a good white wine and enjoy a pleasant moment with one of the best Spanish cheeses.

Tasting Don Cayo Semi-cured Manchego Cheese 

Color: it has a straw white - ivory white color.

Smell: persistent and lactic.

Texture: buttery and mealy.

Flavor: a delicate flavor and smooth to taste.

How to preserve Don Cayo Semi-cured Manchego cheese:

Just as the production of Don Cayo semi-cured Manchego cheese is very important since it is carried out with specific guidelines so that the quality is optimal, the conservation of said Manchego cheese is also just as important.

  • Whole piece: if we have a whole piece of Don Cayo Manchego cheese, it is convenient to keep it in the refrigerator vacuum packed. It can be kept for several months.
  • Chunks: the best option is to store it in an airtight container or even a plate covered with a damp cloth. If you are going to consume it in a few days, you can also wrap it with aluminum foil.
  • In oil: it is one of the most used techniques. It is covered in extra virgin olive oil on a jar, glass, stainless steel or clay container without exceeding 10º C. This technique is perfect for not transferring the smells or flavors of Manchego cheese.

1 kg. net weight (approx)

half piece

vacuum packed

Designation of Origin Manchego Cheese

Don Cayo

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Data sheet

1 kg.
Pasteurised Manchego sheep's milk, calcium chloride, lactic ferments, rennet, salt and preservative: lysozyme (egg derivative). In rind: Coating agent: polyvinyl acetate with fatty acids and colouring agent E-150a and E-160b(ii).
Contains milk and egg derivatives.
La Huz

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