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Piece of Serrano Gran Reserva Ham

1.000 gr
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Buy the piece of serrano Gran Reserva ham that you have been looking for

Our piece of serrano Gran Reserva ham has a curing period for at least 18 months. It is an unpretentious cured ham with a mild aroma, skin, slightly salty and low in fat, a real delicacy.

Forget about boning the Serrano ham, forget about buying a suitable ham holder and knife for the cured ham, forget about problems and buy now the piece of serrano Gran Reserva ham. It is perfect and ready to cut thin slices and serve on the plate, if you haven't eaten it before!

The Piece of Serrano Ham Gran Reserva, essential in your fridge

Many of us love to eat freshly cut serrano ham but we don't want a whole leg ham at home. This ham comes from the province of Teruel, and does not have the Denomination of Origin seal, yet it is an excellent ham with extensive curing. If you are looking for a good ham online, keep in mind this Gran Reserva ham in mace. It comes presented with skin, you will love it.

Buy ham at Gastronomic Spain. the best offers in Gran Reserva hams in both mace and whole ham leg. Discover the Serrano ham that you like the most on our website. The only ham shop in Europe with FREE shipping.

Characteristics of the Piece of Serrano Ham 

This Gran Reserva ham has a cure time of at least 18 months, it is a low-fat cured ham, of the Duroc breed, fed with natural feed. Said Serrano ham from Teruel without PDO comes in a vacuum-packed 1 kg format. Ideal to cut ham to your liking. Our Gran Reserva ham has an affordable price to be of this great quality.

The Gran Reserva ham is a ham with a natural cure. The ham mace or piece of ham is obtained by boning the ham and dividing it into 4 or 5 pieces. For this reason, each piece will be different. For this reason, 4 parts of the ham can be differentiated: The counter of the ham, the hammer of the ham, the stifle of the ham and the tip of the ham.

How to start a Piece of Gran Reserva ham mace?

Consuming a mace of Gran Reserva Serrano ham is very easy.Here are some tricks so you can make the most of it:

  1. First of all, the first thing you have to do is remove the piece of Gran Reserva ham from the vacuum bag.
  2. Wait at least 15-30 minutes to start cutting.
  3. Remove the skin from the surface. Depending on how much you are going to consume, remove the crust from the ham to facilitate cutting.
  4. Cut the ham to your liking, you can cut the ham with a knife or cut into slices by machine, to the desired thickness
  5. Once you have finished cutting, wrap the piece of ham in a cloth and store it in the fridge.

Benefits provided by the Gran Reserva Ham mace

There are many benefits of having this type of ham in your home. Below we list some of those that we consider most representative.

  1. You have a good piece of ham at home without having to buy the whole ham leg
  2. You can cut it to your way, thick, thin, tacos or ham, depending on the need at that time.
  3. As it is a small amount, it will not dry out if the advice that we have indicated is followed.
  4. It is a low-salt ham, perfect to eat ham alone or to cook in stews and recipes.

Why buy piece of Gran Reserva ham online?

The piece Gran Reserva ham is an exceptional product. We encourage you to buy this ham online first for the FREE shipping to Europe that we offer for orders over € 79.99 or € 89.99 depending on the country. The ease of having it without leaving home and the high quality of the product itself. This piece of ham does not come from just any ham, it comes from a Gran Reserva ham from Teruel, without a Denomination of Origin.

* (weight may vary).

1 kg. net weight (approximate)

mace format

with bark

vacuum packed

Jamones Carbó

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Data sheet

1.000 gr
ham from Teruel, salt, sugar, preservatives (E-252, E-250), antioxidant (E-301)
According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no allergens are contained.
vacuum packed
taric code
net weight
1.000 gr
Jamones Carbo

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