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Cured Ham

7,5 kg
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Reserva Cured Ham with FREE shipping to all Europe

Buying Reserva Cured Ham online at a good price in Gastronomic Spain's shop is ''a piece of cake''.

Our cured ham, which comes from the Eresma cellars (located in Segovia), is a reserva ham cured between 16 and 20 months. It is wrapped in a cotton cover for immediate consumption.

Characteristics of Eresma Cured Ham

Eresma's Reserva Cured Ham is a high quality Serrano ham, and is obtained from white pigs. 

It is a ham that stands out for its sweet flavour, as due to the climatic conditions of the production area, the salting process is gentler than that of other hams at lower altitudes. Not only do we have the Reserva cured ham, but also many other Serrano hams, in different formats and prices.

Outstanding characteristics of the Eresma cured ham:

  • It comes from white pigs raised on Eresma farms, guaranteeing their welfare and complying with all EU requirements. The white pigs are fed with feed composed of high quality cereals.
  • It is cured between 16 and 20 months in the cellars of Segovia.
  • Thanks to its slow maturation, the Cured Ham is very rich in aromas and nuances, which are typical of traditional hams.
  • Pale pink to red in colour and the fats are glossy and shiny at room temperature. 
  • It varies between 7.5 kg. and 8.5 kg.

Tips for preserving cured ham

Normally, when we have a ham leg, we usually store it in the kitchen. However, this place is not one of the coolest and driest in the house, so if we want to extend the consumption of our leg of ham, it would be better to look for another cooler and drier place.

Besides, when we have finished cutting our ham, we will not only have to cover it with the leftover slices of rind so that the ham does not oxidise, but also wrap it again in the cotton cloth to prevent the light from modifying its characteristics.

Buy Segovia Cured Ham online

When it comes to buying cured ham, do not roll the dice, we offer you a whole leg ham cured between 16 and 20 months. Do not miss a four-season ham that is delicious.

If you want to buy ham online you are in the right ham shop, where you will find cheap cured hams of all types, Serrano ham and Iberian ham. Check out the different types of cured ham in Gastronomic Spain.

In addition, you can find a wide variety of ham holders and knives so you can eat ham in a comfortable and clean way.

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7.5 - 8 kg net weight (approximate)

whole ham leg


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Data sheet

7,5 kg
Duroc pork ham (Duroc 50%), salt, sugar, preservatives (E-252, E-250), acidity regulator (E-331iii), antioxidant (E-301)

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Cured Ham