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Black Pudding from Burgos

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The black pudding from Burgos Sotopalacios (Morcilla de Burgos Sotopalacios), are also known as the blood sausages of Sotopalacios, rice sausages or black rice sausages. A very popular and traditional type of Spanish sausage in the Iberian Peninsula.

This popular rice black pudding from Burgos includes among its components: rice, onion, spices and of course, pig's blood that acts as a binder for all the ingredients and that, finally, is stuffed into the gut.

What are Black Pudding from Burgos Sotopalacios?

Black Pudding from Burgos Sotopalacios (Morcilla de Burgos Sotopalacios o morcila de arroz) are a type of pork sausage that comes from the traditional and familiar production process of the province of Burgos, especially from the town of Sotopalacios.

Black pudding from Burgos, also known as black pudding from Sotopalacios or black pudding rice sausages, is a very peculiar Spanish sausage since its ingredients are cooked at the same time and, in addition, it has a rare ingredient in this type of sausage: rice.

It is a sausage made exclusively in Burgos, so it is impossible to find it outside of Spain. If you are interested in buying black pudding from Burgos Sotopalacios or other types of black pudding or blood sausages, click here.

How are the black pudding of Burgos Sotopalacios made?

Black Pudding Burgos Sotopalacios is made in a particular and different way from other Spanish blood sausages. Let's see step by step how to cook black pudding of Burgos are made:

  1. First, you should chop the horcal onion (in season) and let it drain overnight.
  2. The next day, put the chopped onion, rice, chopped butter, salt, hot and sweet paprika, ground pepper and blood in a wide container.
  3. Knead all the ingredients with your hands until you get a uniform paste.
  4. Once the dough is made, fill the pork tripe with the dough using a stuffer and close with a trap.
  5. When the blood sausages are already stuffed and stapled, they undergo a heat treatment: put the product in a boiler with water at 100º C for 30 minutes.
  6. Subsequently, cool immediately through air chambers, where the extreme part of the black pudding is dried and the product is cooled to be able to carry out its packaging.
  7. Once cooled, package and label.
  8. Serve and enjoy.

Ingredients of black pudding from Burgos Sotopalacios or black pudding rice sausages (Morcilla de Burgos o morcilla de arroz):

The ingredients that make up the black pudding from Burgos or black pudding rice sausages are: Onion, rice (25%), lard, beef tallow, blood, salt, spices

In addition, our Sotopalacios blood sausages or rice sausages are characterized by being a GLUTEN FREE product.

Black pudding from Burgos Sotopalacios de Embutidos Hermanos González

Embutidos Hermanos González is a family business dedicated to the production of Sotopalacios sausages since the 70s. If they are located in the municipality of Sotopalacios, considered the capital of Burgos black pudding.

Hermanos González make sausages following the traditional way that characterizes them so much. In this way, the variety of flavors and smells that surround the black pudding from Burgos Sotopalacios last.

It should be noted that Hermanos González back pudding stand out from the rest for one of their ingredients: beef tallow. A differential touch that makes them unmatched.

Suggestions blood sausage recipe from Burgos Sotopalacios 

If you are thinking of blood sausages pudding from Burgos Sotopalacios and want to come up with some kind of recipe with black pudding from Burgos to impress your friends, Gastronomic Spain has some suggestions that may interest you:

Scrambled eggs with blood sausage from Burgos Sotopalacios

Easy, simple and delicious. This is the scrambled eggs with blood sausage from Burgos. With just eggs and Burgos blood sausage you can leave more than one with your mouth open. A creamy dish with the fusion of both products will be a success.

Black pudding from Burgos with piquillo peppers

This dish is a bit more elaborate, but with an impressive end result. Burgos black pudding with piquillo peppers can be cooked in different ways, but the most typical is to make piquillo peppers stuffed with black pudding rice.

A tasty, smooth and light recipe.

Oven cook black pudding from Burgos

It is a classic. The baked Burgos blood sausage can become a perfect main dish. Accompanied by potatoes or various vegetables, oven cook black pudding from Burgos is an exquisite and appetizing option, as well as being very typical of Burgos cuisine.

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Without a doubt, the black pudding from Burgos Sotopalacios de Hermanos González is one of the most traditional sausages in Spain. You can use the black puddings rice in recipes named above or even in others such as baked rice, lentils or simply as a '' palo seco '' appetizer.

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Manufactured by: Fábrica de Embutidos y Jamones Hermanos González S.L.

Polígono Industrial Hormigones Marcos Parcela 6, 09140 Sotopalacios, Burgos

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280 gr.
Onion, rice (25%), lard, beef tallow, blood, salt, spices
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280 gr.

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Black Pudding from Burgos