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Teruel Ham Leg

8.000 gr
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Teruel Ham Leg, a perfect delicacy

Teruel ham leg is possibly the best white pork serrano ham. Buy our Teruel ham leg, a natural ham with a quality guarantee.

The little pleasures are the ones that are most enjoyed, it is the law of life. Possibly we all have Serrano ham in the fridge or a leg of ham hooked to the ham holder, very typical of the Spanish.

We do not realize that we have before us, in our day to day, a culinary jewel fallen from heaven. We have so internalized the Serrano ham that we are not aware of the delicious product we eat. And the Teruel ham is no wonder, since it was the first Serrano ham in Spain to be awarded the Denomination of Origin. A luxury!

Buy a Teruel ham leg at an incredible price 

We all like to eat cured ham and I'm sure it won't be long before someone invents a vegan ham. Patience. If you are one of those who are not satisfied with just ordinary serrano ham and are looking for a gran reserva ham, we recommend the Teruel ham leg. It is a well cured ham, carefully prepared, big and with a really ham flavour.

Sometimes it is worthy to buy an Iberico ham, but if you are looking for a good Serrano ham to eat every day, I recommend you to see the different Teruel hams and Gran Reserva hams that we offer you.

When you buy a Teruel PDO ham, you are buying a certified ham of the highest quality. It is by many considered the best white pork ham in Spain

Characteristics Teruel ham leg

This Spanish ham is the best, the Teruel ham leg is salty rightly and the right proportion of fat. If you are looking for a cheap Teruel ham leg, you are in the right ham shop.

Teruel ham is cured for a minimum of 18 months. This white ham comes from the Duroc breed pig, which is crossed with Iberico pigs.

So, if you are good with a ham knife, the first thing you have to do is buy a ham holder and then buy this Teruel ham leg. A whole ham leg is enjoyable, cutting ham is a luxury that we all appreciate. If you are going to put it in the kitchen, we recommend you use a ham cover. A cloth is enough to preserve this Serrano ham, that's very important.

It should be noted that our Teruel ham with Denomination of Origin comes from Calamocha, a municipality located 70 km from Teruel that stands out for its agri-food industry. Calamocha is considered one of the main producers of Teruel Ham and the result is an exceptional product.

How to differentiate a Teruel ham leg from a reserve ham.

Teruel ham is visually characterized by its certification. All Teruel hams have a white seal with the Teruel PDO seal around the knuckle, in addition to the Mudejar star engraved in Fire on the bark. You can find them with the whole crust or with the crust in a "V" shape. In addition, its ends are rounded and unlike the reserve ham without Teruel PDO, it maintains the hoof, which is white.

How to start a Teruel PDO ham

Many of you wonder how to start a ham. When starting a ham, the first thing you have to do is:

  1. Place the ham in the ham holder with the hoof facing up
  2. Use a boning knife or lace trimmer to peel off the surface of the crust and the excess fat. When peeling the ham, take into account how much you are going to consume at that time. If you are going to eat all the ham, peel the ham completely, otherwise, peel only the beginning.
  3. Make a 45º angle incision about 5 cm below the knuckle bone. This incision will make the slice loosen easily when we make the cut against it.
  4. Begin to cut slices that cover the entire width of the Teruel PDO ham. The movement of the knife has to go towards you. The slice must be about 5 cm long and 1.5 mm thick.
  5. When you are close to the knuckle bone, the cut has to go towards the hoof of the ham, inserting the knife into the incision that you made previously.
  6. When you've reached the hip bone. Take the boning knife or the lace to make an incision in its contour, in this way you will facilitate the cut and the slice will come out easily.
  7. When you see that hip bone in its entirety, it's time to flip the ham.

I advise you to save the large pieces of bacon and rind that you have obtained from peeling the ham to cover the part of the ham that you have cut during the first days. This will prevent the Serrano de Teruel PDO from drying out and will maintain its juiciness and shine.

If you have any doubts, you can see our tutorial to cut a ham on our Gastronomic Spain blog.

How to preserve Teruel PDO ham

It is very common to have a ham at home to cut to size. Depending on the type of family and the reason for the purchase, the ham will last more or less. In the event that the ham is not going to be consumed at the moment, which is the most common, the following recommendations must be followed when preserving the Teruel PDO ham:

  1. Cut the fat and the skin from the surface of the ham to be eaten, this will prevent it from drying out much less.
  2. When the ham is finished cutting, cover the ham with the crust and the skin that was cut when the ham was started. This will maintain the juiciness of the ham leg and will prevent it from drying out.
  3. Put a cloth rag on the surface where it has been cut
  4. keep in a dry place, with little humidity
  5. In the case of having the ham in the kitchen, keep it as far away from the fire so that it does not suffer from sudden changes in temperature.

7.5 kg - 8 kg. net weight (approximate)

Denomination of Origin of Teruel

Jamones Carbó

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Data sheet

8.000 gr
ham from Teruel, salt, sugar, preservatives (E-252, E-250), antioxidant (E-301)
According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no allergens are contained.
black cloth sack
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net weight
8.000 gr
Jamones Carbo

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Teruel Ham Leg