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Piece of Serrano Ham

450 gr.
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The Piece of Serrano Ham is an excellent piece of 50% ham from the Duroc breed of pig, perfect to be filleted to taste and delight any palate. But it is also perfect to introduce it in stews or traditional dishes. Its weight of 450 gr. Approximate and dimension make this ham block an ideal piece of cured pork and perfect for any occasion.

Our serrano ham taco comes vacuum packed and in 450 gr format. approximate net weights. GLUTEN-free product.

Piece of Serrano Ham: what it is and characteristics

The vast majority of Spaniards love ham, it is obvious. But not all of us have the necessary skills to know how to cut a leg of ham properly. For this, our piece of serrano ham is perfect. 450 gr format. approximate and boneless, so you can make a perfect cut without complications.

The piece of serrano ham that we have at Gastronomic Spain is 50% Duroc. This means that 50% of its meat comes from the prestigious Duroc pig breed, the breed that stands out from the white pigs. In fact, it is a breed that provides high quality meat: with a high content of infiltrated fat, juicy and with a very intense flavor that makes it special.

It is a top quality product perfect to cut on the spot and leave your friends with their mouths open. Because if this 50% Duroc ham block is characterized by something, it is its careful and special flavor that captivates any palate.

Our ham taco is from the Don Guido de Castilla brand, which is part of the Copese Group: a food group that is responsible for controlling the entire production process from raising livestock to manufacturing and distribution, as well as the production of products from pork.

Discover all the available formats of Serrano ham in our online store and choose the best ham that suits your needs: sliced, in mace or the whole leg.

Piece of Serrano ham ingredients

Duroc pork serrano ham (50% Duroc), salt, sugar, preservatives E-252 and E-250, acidity regulator E-331 (iii), antioxidants E-301.

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450 gr. net weight (aprox)

piece of ham

vacuum packed

Don Guido de Castilla

Grupo Copese


Data sheet

450 gr.
Duroc pork serrano ham (50% Duroc), salt, sugar, preservatives E-252 and E-250, acidity regulator E-331 (iii), antioxidants E-301.
May contain traces of milk.
vacuum packed
taric code
net weight
0.45 kg.

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Piece of Serrano Ham

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