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Sliced Teruel Ham

80 gr
In stock

Teruel ham sliced with a curing period of 18 months.

The Teruel ham sliced is amazing. A cured ham from white pig cut by machine. Buy cheap jamón curado in Gastronomic Spain, I'm sure you will be so delighted that you will want to repeat and repeat and repeat again.

Our Serrano Teruel ham sliced has a curing period of 18 months, at least. This dry cured ham has a genuine label of a top-quality serrano ham.

It is Teruel ham sliced and we are making your way easier. Thanks to our free transport service, we take it directly to your kitchen so that you can serve and consume your Jamón de Teruel at the time. What are you waiting for when you try our sliced Teruel ham or any other of the different types of cured ham?

Teruel ham sliced, an exceptional cured ham.

When we think of Spanish food or the Spanish tapas and products that we like the most, in most occasions we think of Spanish serrano ham leg.  Ham is something we carry not only in our hearts but also on our palates.

The Teruel ham sliced is one of those essential Spanish foods and tapas in our fridge. As it's machine sliced it is very easy to consume. Simply open the packaging, leave it to rest for 20 minutes and you have tapas of gran reserva Serrano ham.

Enter here and know the variety of offers in Teruel hams that we can offer you. I recommend that you try our Teruel ham sliced. It is undoubtedly a unique gran reserva serrano hamGastronomic Spain is the best shop of Teruel ham in Europe, with FREE shipping to all countries of the European Union.

Why cut Serrano ham when you can buy it already cut?

Characteristics of Teruel Ham Sliced

The Teruel ham sliced, comes from Serrano ham leg of white Duroc, landrace and large white breed pig. This serrano ham is cured for at least 18 months and has a taste and texture that makes it unique. The Teruel ham cannot be considered as the cheapest serrano hams. But without a doubt, it is a delightful serrano ham. Possibly the best serrano ham from white pigs. Don't choose that 40-euro raw ham. If you want to eat a good ham buy Teruel Serrano ham sliced in Gastronomic Spain.

It is the first certified white pork ham, protected under the quality control of the Jamón de Teruel PDO. Don't go for that 40 euro raw ham. If you want to eat a good ham, buy sliced ​​Serrano ham from Teruel at Gastronomic Spain, from Calamocha hams, the main producer of hams in Teruel.

Unlike the rest of Serrano hams, Teruel ham has a marbling and infiltration of fat that shows its excellent quality. A bright color when cut with a knife and a darker color of the meat due to its long aging.

Teruel sliced ​​ham is obtained from Serrano hams with at least 18 months of curing and weighing more than 8 kg. It comes in a 100 gr format and is vacuum packed. According to the new certification that has been implemented by the Teruel Ham Regulatory Council, this type of ham would be considered a ham with Red certification, which are considered those that have a cure of at least 18 months and a minimum weight of 8 kg. Be a Reserva or Gran Reserva ham since in many cases it is cured for up to 22 months.

It is presented in long slices that cover the entire surface of the "maza del jamón". The thickness of the slice is thin, which makes it ideal for sandwiches and for breakfast.

Why buy Sliced ​​Teruel Ham?

If you are wondering why buy this sliced ​​Teruel ham. You have to know that when you buy this ham, you are not buying an ordinary Serrano ham. This ham has a quality certificate, so we guarantee that you are buying a good ham that meets all the requirements of the Teruel PDO. If you are looking for a good ham for snacks, breakfasts and for a sandwich, we advise you to buy this ham, since it is exactly what you are looking for. It has a good value for money and is ideal to consume in your day to day.

How to Consume Sliced ​​Teruel Ham?

This envelope must be stored in the fridge and has a shelf life of at least 4 months. Once opened, it is important to consume at the moment, since being a machine cut ham, the slice is thin and dries quickly. When eating Teruel Sliced ​​ham, we recommend:

  1. Remove the ham envelope at least 1 hour before from the fridge
  2. Open the ham envelope at least 30 minutes before consuming it

80 gr. net weight

vacuum packed

Denomination of Origin of Teruel

Don Jate

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Data sheet

80 gr
Pork ham, salt, antioxidants (E-331iii, E-301), preservative (E-252), sugar, dextrose.
According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no allergens are contained.
vacuum packed
taric code
net weight
80 gr

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Sliced Teruel Ham

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