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Spicy León Chorizo

325 gr
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Buy the spicy chorizo from León, top quality and at a good prize:

Buy the spicy chorizo from León, Spain, top quality and at an unbeatable price from anywhere in Europe.

Our Palcarsa chorizo from León is called Marca de Garantía, because its quality and its elaboration guidelines are defined down to the last millimeter. Among all the cold meats, the chorizo from León stands out by its own name. The sweet paprika gives a very good taste and has a perfect curing process that makes the spicy Palcarsa chorizo from León juicy but well cured. If you are thinking of buying a string of chorizo, don't hesitate, buy this homemade chorizo.

Spicy chorizo from León: smoked and natural 100%

We present a spicy artisan chorizo, one of those chorizos that you buy just one unit and regret it, because it gets short. A small-town chorizo with just the right spicy touch that gives it a delicious flavor. Ideal to eat with bread, a bit of sheep's cheese and that's it.

The Chorizo from León of the spicy variety is a type of horseshoe or string of chorizo, in other words, with the same shape as a horseshoe. It is 100% natural, does not include preservatives or colourings and is cured in natural beef casing, a detail that makes it highlighted from the rest.

This delicious spicy chorizo from León comes from Palcarsa, is vacuum-packed and has a net weight of approximately 325 gr. It is also available in sweet format.

Characteristics of the spicy chorizo from León:

The spicy chorizo from León is one of the most outstanding Spanish chorizos in our gastronomy. No wonder because it is made by one of the most renowned producers in Spain: Palcarsa.

Our spicy chorizo from León is characterized by the following features:

● It has spicy paprika as an ingredient, making it different from the sweet chorizo from León.

● It is made with 100% natural ingredients, without colourings or preservatives.

● It is a smoked chorizo with a delicious flavor and an intense red-orange color that is so characteristic.

● It is one of the products made by Palcarsa, a company certified as a Collective Brand of Chorizo from León.

● It is made in longitudinal pieces in which a string is tied at each end to be hung. After curing, it takes on the shape of a horseshoe.

● It has a net weight of approximately 325 gr.

Ingredients of chorizo from León:

Pork meat and bacon, hot paprika, salt, garlic and oregano. Natural beef casing.



Best kept in a cool, dry place.

Buy cheap spicy chorizo from León: a string of ones to enjoy in every bite

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The truth is that everyone likes homemade chorizo, and if it is spicy, even more. Foreigners who visit Spain are crazy about it. This type of horseshoe chorizo is very popular, as there is nothing like it outside Spain.

Among the family of cured chorizos, chorizo from León undoubtedly stands out from the rest, either for its quality or for its juicy flavor. But if you are interested in other types of chorizo; e.g. chistorra, chorizo from Cantimpalos or chorizo from Pamplona, do not hesitate to consult our online shop.

325 gr. net weight (approximate)

Format: whole piece

Spicy variety

Vacuum packed


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Data sheet

325 gr
Pork meat and fat, paprika, salt, garlic and oregano. Natural bovine casing.
does not contain allergens

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Spicy León Chorizo

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