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Teruel Shoulder ham

5,7 kg
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Buy the Teruel Shoulder ham, delicious and of the highest quality

In Gastronomic Spain, the Teruel Shoulder ham is now available, a delicious and top quality mountain palette.

The DO Teruel palette is, as its name indicates, a designation of origin, that is, the products made in said geographical area are protected through specific production processes and guidelines that govern the curing and drying of said products, in this case the DO Teruel palette.

DO Teruel Shoulder, a show for our palate

Without a doubt, the DO Teruel palette is a show for any palate, even the most exquisite. The Teruel palette is appellation of origin, that is, the DO Teruel palette is protected basically by this geographical environment, offering it certain conditions that enable the qualities necessary for this appellation of origin.

The shoulder or also commonly known as shoulder, is the generic name of the product obtained from the front legs of the pig, salted raw and cured in the usual way. The DO Teruel shoulder is considered the best shoulder in the world from white pork.

But if you are interested in other types of shoulders or hams from Teruel, do not hesitate to consult our website and see our entire offer of hams and shoulders. You will find all kinds of typical Spanish products.

Characteristics of the DO Teruel palette

While the ham is obtained from the hind legs of the pig, the shoulder or shoulder of Teruel is obtained from the front legs. The main differences between a ham and a Teruel shoulder are:

  1. The weight. While a ham weighs between 7 kg and 9 kg, a shoulder weighs between 4.5 kg and 5.5 kg.
  2. The shape. The ham has a more stylized and rounded shape, in addition to being smaller, the Teruel shoulder has a thinner and more square shape in its width.
  3. The bones. In the ham, the hip bone, the femur and the tibia appear. While the Teruel palette appears the scapula, the radius and the wet. When cutting a ham, it is much more difficult to cut a Teruel shoulder than a ham, since the morphology is very different. The shoulder blade of the ham shoulder will make the cut more difficult. However, below, we are going to explain very well how to cut a pallet so that you can cut like a pro.
  4. The shoulder is fatter than the ham. If we compare a shoulder and a ham from the same pig, we will see that the shoulder has a higher concentration of Fat.

In addition, it should be noted that our Teruel shoulder ham with Denomination of Origin comes from Calamocha, a municipality located 70 km from Teruel that stands out for its agri-food industry. Calamocha is considered one of the main producers of Teruel Ham and the result is an exceptional product.

Why buy DO Teruel Shoulder online?

There are many reasons why you should choose a shoulder instead of a ham. Next we are going to present the reasons why we believe that it is worth buying the DO Teruel palette online:

  1. The price. Teruel shoulder is cheaper than Teruel ham per kg.
  2. It is one of the few certified pallets that you will find. It has the seal of the PDO Jamón de Teruel. What guarantees its quality.
  3. It is ideal for a small family. If a ham is too much, since you are afraid it will dry out, a shoulder can fit you. A good option for those households with 2 or 3 people
  4. The Teruel shoulder is a reserve shoulder. It has a cure of at least 9 months. An excellent product.

How to cut a Teruel shoulder?

Unlike ham, cutting a shoulder can be somewhat more difficult. Do not be scared, with the following tips it will be very easy. You just have to change the chip and follow our instructions:

  1. First of all, have a survey if you are going to consume the cured palette in the day or it will last several days. In the event that you are going to consume it all in the same day, it does not matter if you place it hoof up or hoof down. But in the event that it is going to last several days or weeks, it is important that you start with the "contramaza", since it is the part of the palette that is more cured.
  2. As in the case of ham, we are going to make an incision in the knuckle, 5 cm below the ankle, but this time the incision is going to be made to the bone at a 90º angle. For this we will use a boning knife.
  3. We peel the entire surface that we are going to cut, removing the excess fat and the crust. We save them to cover the pallet when we're done.
  4. Taking into account that the hoof is up. Once peeled, we are going to mark as a reference the bone that protrudes that is 1 hand from the incision that we have made. With the boning knife, we will cut following that bone until the incision we made in the knuckle. We will remove a piece of the palette of about 250 gr. It is better to cut this piece of ham on a board to suit each individual's taste. Or in cubes, strips or thin slices of ham.
  5. Next we begin to cut the part of the upper blade that is below the end of the bone and above the scapula. We will make a small incision, as in the knuckle, and we will begin to cut.
  6. Once we get to the bone of the scapula. We will mark and outline it with a boning knife or with a lace. In this way, the Teruel shoulder slice will be separated much easier.
  7. Once the bone of the scapula is outlined, we begin to cut ham on the shoulder by cutting a thin slice in the direction of the scapula or shoulder blade. Having made that incision, the slice will come out on its own.
  8. We make the cut until we begin to find difficulty due to the posture and we proceed to turn the palette.

5,7 kg. net weight (approx)

whole leg

Denomination of Origin of Teruel

Don Jate

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Data sheet

5,7 kg
Pork ham PDO Teruel, salt, sugar, dextrose and preservatives E-250 and E-252.
black cloth sack
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net weight
5,7 kg.
Don Jate

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Teruel Shoulder ham