Sheep Cheese in Oil

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The Sheep Cheese in Oil is a aged cheese made of sheep milk and preserved in olive oil. The intense taste and the flavour of olive oil convert the cheese into a real delicacy.

380 gr.

The Sheep Cheese in Oil is made in the la Mancha region and it is an aged cheese from sheep milk. It is preserved in olive oil which eases up the strong and intense taste and adds a olive flavour.

Our Sheep Cheese in Oil is made with sheep milk. It is aged 6 - 8 month and has a firm texture and an ivory white colour. The cheese is cut in pieces and covered in olive oil. It has a strong and intense taste and you can appreciate the notes of olive oil.

Enjoy our Sheep Cheese in Oil piece by piece. It is an ideal snack or aperitif and perfect together with a glass of red wine.

380 gr.
200 gr. net

  • Ingredients: pasteurized sheep milk, salt, extra virgin olive oil, lactic ferment, calcium chloride, lisozyme (E-1105)
  • Allergens: contains lactose, eggs and/or derivates

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