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Don Cayo Cured Manchego Cheese 1.6 kg.

1.6 kg.

What is Don Cayo Cured Manchego Cheese 1.6 kg.?

Don Cayo Cured Manchego Cheese 1.6 kg. It is a half-piece cheese made from La Mancha sheep's milk, a feature that identifies it with the Protected Designation of Origin.

This excellent Don Cayo cured Manchego cheese is of a quality of national and international recognition. This is indicated by the World Cheese Awards imposing the gold medal in 2019.

It is a half-piece Spanish cheese that is highly valued in Spanish gastronomy and that you can find in Gastronomic Spain, in addition to many other varieties of Manchego cheeses.

Characteristics of Don Cayo Cured Manchego Cheese 1.6 kg.

Our cured Manchego cheese is half a piece, approximately 1.6 kg. It is a very complete type of cheese since it concentrates all the nutritional qualities of La Mancha sheep's milk, such as the present vitamins A, D and E: important for the metabolism, growth and absorption of calcium.

Don Cayo cured cheese is made of pressed paste with a minimum maturation of 6 months, even reaching a maximum of 8. It has a pale yellow color in the rind, while the pasta is compact and firm in consistency.

As for the smell of the cured Don Cayo Manchego cheese, it is lactic, intense and persistent acidified that evolves into slightly spicy nuances. And its flavor is slightly acidic, strong and tasty, with a pleasant and peculiar residual taste of La Mancha sheep's milk. In addition to having a buttery and somewhat mealy feeling.

Regarding Don Cayo, it is a type of cheese that is made in the prestigious De La Huz cheese factory, typical of the city of Cuenca and with great national and international prestige.

Protected Designation of Origin Manchego Cured Cheese from Don Cayo

Our Don Cayo cheese is part of the Manchego Cheese Protected Designation of Origin. This means that it is a type of cheese that meets the requirements and terms imposed by the Regulatory Council.

To identify what is a cheese with PDO we must identify:

1.Commercial Label: the term Denomination of Origin Manchego Cheese must appear on the commercial label of the cheese.

2.Casein plate: on the opposite side of the commercial label, embedded in the rind will appear '' D.O.P. CHEESE MANCHEGO '' together with a series of five digits and two or three letters.

3. Numbered back label: it is attached to the commercial label together with the logo of the Denomination of Origin. If it is a small cheese, it will be indicated in the upper right corner.

4. European Logo: it is the distinctive that the European Union applies as a quality figure and corresponding to the DO.

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1.6 kg. net weight (approx)

half piece

vacuum packed

Manchego cheese

Don Cayo


Data sheet

1.6 kg.
100% lait de brebis Manchego, ferments lactiques (présure), lysozyme (dérivé d'œufs), chlorure de calcium et sel.
Contains milk and its derivatives (including lactose), eggs and egg products.
taric code
vacuum packed
net weight
1.6 kg.

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