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V Navarra Smoke Cheese

250 gr.
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The V Navarra smoked cheese is handmade from raw latxa sheep’s milk, from the surroundings of the Urbasa National Park (Navarra). The beech wood used during the smoking process comes from this park, which offers a characteristic and lasting aftertaste.

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V Navarra Smoke cheese what it is:

One of the best cheeses in the world, that is how the V Navarra smoked cheese is known. Presented in a 250gr. wedge format and vacuum packed, V Navarra smoked cheese can be an ideal and perfect complement to many dishes, as well as it can be an incredible appetizer at the table.

It comes from the V de Navarra brand, and, therefore, it is made exclusively in Navarra. Specifically, from latxa sheep that is located around the Urbasa National Park.

V Navarra Smoke cheese characteristics

• 250gr. wedge format

• Consistent and hard paste, with the absence or scarcity of small eyes.

• Uniform yellowish ivory colour, with a certain brown characteristic of smoked cheeses.

• Smoking is done with beech wood from the area (Navarra).

• It has an intense flavour from mature sheep’s milk, natural rennet and smoke with a certain pronounced aftertaste.

It is a type of cheese elaborate with raw sheep’s milk and GLUTEN FREE.

V Navarra Smoke cheese ingredients

Raw sheep’s milk, salt, rennet, lactic ferments and preservatives: E-252 and E-1105. Inedible rind.

It contains milk or its derivates (including lactose). Contains egg.

Gluten free.

It is recommended to keep cold between 3º and 8ºC.

What is so special about a smoked cheese?

A smoked cheese is special because it refers to the cheese that is treated under the smoking procedure, a method of making cheese.

This smoking process can be carried out in different ways: cold, hot and using liquid smoke.

- Cold: the cheese is smoked between 20º and 30º, and may need up a month of smoking, depending on the variety of cheese.

- Hot: the cheese is subjected to temperatures between 35º and 90º C.

- Liquid smoke: Through this liquid smoke, a smoke flavour and colour are given, providing an external appearance similar to that of traditional smoking.

V Navarra smoke cheese from La Vasco Navarra

The V Navarra cheeses are characterized by being a raw milk cheeses, especially from latxa sheep, a native and protected breed of Navarra and the Basque Country, which is characterized by being small, rustic and produces milk of excellent quality, although in small quantities.

This Spanish brand has prestige at a national level, and it is part of the Quesos La Vasco Navarra, which includes other types of cheeses such as Albéniz cheeses or Idiazabal cheeses from La Vasco Navarra.

La Vasco Navarra is located in Navarra and has been making pressed cheeses since 1978. During the production process, each phase is 100% controlled, combining tradition and technology, thus guaranteeing the quality of the product.

250gr. net weight

format: wedge

vacuum packed

V de Navarra


Data sheet

250 gr.
Raw sheep's milk, salt, rennet, lactic ferments and preservatives: E-252 and E-1105.
Contains milk and/or its derivatives (including lactose). Contains egg.
vacuum packed
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net weight

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V Navarra Smoke Cheese