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Boneless Iberico Ham Guijuelo

4,5 kg
In stock

Enjoy the boneless Iberico Ham at the best price

The boneless Iberico ham is the best option if you are looking for an Iberian ham to cut to your liking, either with a cold meat slicer or with a knife on a wooden board.

It is an excellent and large cebo ham leg. It weighs about 4.5 kg. If we take into account that it is a boneless and peeled ham, we suspect that it comes from a leg of ham weighing about 8.5 kg. It has a minimum curing of 24 months in the Guijuelo wineries and comes from 50% Iberian pigs.

What is a Boneless Iberico Ham?

This is a Spanish product that is very difficult to find outside of Spain. In general, in large European capitals you can find different Iberian hams and Serrano hams. But finding a boneless, peeled and polished ham is already more complicated.

When we refer to a boneless ham, we refer to a ham leg but without the bone. In other words, a ham without complications when cutting it.

The boneless cebo iberico ham is a very versatile ham, ideal for cooks. It is perfect for slicing cold cuts or cutting with a knife on a board. You choose the thickness. The boneless whole ham is a fantastic option if you eat Serrano ham frequently and want to cut slices with your own hands.

Characteristics of Boneless Iberico Ham from Guijuelo

Our boneless Iberico ham comes from the wineries of Nieto Martín, one of the largest producers of Iberian ham in Spain located in Guijuelo, Salamanca. Nieto Martín is under the Protected Designation of Origin of Guijuelo, so our boneless Iberian ham obtains this certification that guarantees 100% its quality.

One of the advantages of buying a boneless ham is that the curing will be perfect from the inside to the outside of the piece. In particular, it has been cured for 24 months in Guijuelo's own wineries.

It has a weight of 4.5 kg. approximate and comes vacuum packed. But undoubtedly the standout features are that it is boned (pitted), peeled (no rind), and polished. A real gem to always have on hand in the kitchen.

Another characteristic to highlight is that our boneless Iberian ham comes from 50% Iberian pigs that have lived on farms under the perfect care of Nieto Martín and have fed on cereal feed. Therefore, it is considered a 50% Iberian bait Iberian ham.

Buying boneless Iberico ham online is the best option to cut ham at home

Gastronomic Spain is the largest ham and shoulder store in Europe. If our boneless Iberian ham does not suit what you are looking for, we have a wide catalog of Iberian hams that you can consult here.

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Living outside of Spain does not have to mean that you have to give up Spanish gastronomy. This product has free shipping anywhere in Europe. So, take advantage of all the advantages that Gastronomic Spain offers you and savor the authentic Spanish pleasure.

4.5 kg net weight (approximate)

vacuum packed

format: boneless

Denomination of Origin Guijuelo

Nieto Martin

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4,5 kg
vacuum packed
taric code
net weight
4.500 gr
Nieto Martin

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Boneless Iberico Ham Guijuelo