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Iberico Cebo de Campo Ham

7.5 kg aprox.
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Enjoy a high-quality Cebo de Campo Ham for a good price

Our Recebo rico Cebo de Campo ham, also known as Recebo Iberico ham, goes through a 24-month curing time at Jamones Nieto Martín, placed in Guijuelo. The certified 50% Iberian pure breed pigs, raised and fed in the meadows of Salamanca. it has that characteristic taste and fat marbling in the meat, common on Iberico pigs that live in freedom. Do not waste this opportunity and buy your Cebo de Campo ham for a great price and with FREE shipping to Europe.

Iberico Cebo de Campo Ham: what it is and its characteristics

The Cebo de Campo ham is one of the best ham legs we have in Gastronomic Spain. It is an 100% Iberian breed Iberico ham with more than 24 curing months.

Those Iberian pigs have been fed with cereal fodder mixed with some acorns during their time at the meadows of Andalucía, for it comes from Nieto Martín, a place located in the D.O. Guijuelo, that counts with more than 330 hectares full of holm oaks.

  • 100% Iberico breed pig.
  • It has a 24-months traditional curing time with an individualized.
  • It is a whole ham leg of about 7.5 kg.
  • It is presented with a deep red colour with slim white streaks.
  • It is of a higher quality than the Cebo ham.
  • It is identified with “Etiqueta Verde”.

“Etiqueta Verde” Ham leg

All hams are identified with different colour tags depending on the pigs’ breeding and feeding. In this case, our Recebo Iberico Ham has been assigned with the green tag.

Black tag: Pata Negra hams.

Red tag: Bellota hams.

Green tag: Cebo de Campo or Recebo Iberico hams.

White tag: Cebo hams.

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7.5 kg. net weight (approximate)

Format: whole leg, wrapped in a black cotton bag.

Keep in a cool, dry place.

Brand: Nieto Martín

Produced by: Helmantica Terra S.L.

C/ Trasera del Torreon 7, 37770 Guijuelo (Salamanca) Spain

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Data sheet

7.5 kg aprox.
Iberian pork ham, salt, preservatives (E-252, E-250)
Nieto Martin

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Iberico Cebo de Campo Ham