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Iberian Ham Dices

150 gr
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Iberian diced ham is a product that becomes increasingly popular among consumers due to its versatility and the new trends in its consumption. At Gastronomic Spain we offer you a wide variety of Iberian hams, both entire and in different formats. If you are looking for another type of Iberian ham, you can look up our catalog here.

Characteristics of Iberian diced ham from Guijuelo:

Iberian diced ham that we offer are obtained from 50% Iberian breed hams, coming from and certified by the Designation of origin from Guijuelo. It comes packed in a vacuum and weighs approximately 150 gr.

It is recommended to open it at least 30 minutes before consumption, so that the ham can recover the air it has lost during its packaging. Once opened and removed from its packaging, we can see that it is a ham with little fat, carefully cut into dice of one centimeter in length. It has the right balance between fat and lean, which makes it perfect not only for eating dry or for cooking but also integrating into other dishes.

This format of diced ham is made by the curing room of Nieto Martín. It comes from the Iberian hams of Cebo that we also sell in our online store. Once the package is opened, the delicious smell of the ham from Guijuelo impregnates the whole room. Little by little we can see that the ham, which in the packaging is caked, is loosening and the dice are separating from each other. The fat begins to take on a more transparent color and the texture becomes softer.

Although the cut of the ham is very different from that of machine-sliced or knife-sliced ones, the dice of Iberian ham have a juicy texture, a rich and balanced flavor which does not stand out with a fatty taste.

Consumption of Iberian diced ham:

Nieto Martín's Iberian diced ham stands out for its versatility. It is a product that can be eaten on its own or as part of other dishes. In recent years, this cut of ham has become popular. It is usually presented in a cone of greaseproof paper or in a bowl with a few spikes. It is a ham to eat with the hand, to stain and, of course, to lick your fingers.

As well as being eaten straight, this ham can be used to integrate with other dishes, such as fried baby broad beans with Iberian ham, a plate of cooked cardoon with diced sautéed ham and many other possibilities.

Brand: Nieto Martín

Weight: 150 gr

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Data sheet

150 gr
Iberian bait ham, 50% Iberian breed
Does not contain allergens
Nieto Martin

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Iberian Ham Dices