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Guijuelo Iberico Ham Cebo Cut with a Knife

80 gr
In stock


The Guijuelo Iberico Ham Cebo cut with a knife you were looking for around Europe

Living outside Spain can be difficult sometimes, so, why not making it a bit easier with some good Guijuelo Iberico Ham cut with a knife? and buy Iberico Ham Cebo at Gastronomic Spain, your Spanish food online shop with FREE shipping to Europe.

Our Iberico Ham Cebo with Guijuelo Protected Designation of Origin is knife-cut by professional ham cutters and has a bodega curing time of more than 24 months. Apart from that, the 80-gm. Iberico Ham Cebo comes to you vacuum-packed. Perfect to surprise your friends!

Buy Guijuelo Iberico Ham cut with a knife at an incredible price

In Gastronomic Spain we are specialists in offering the best cold meat and hams at the best price. Our Guijuelo Iberico Ham Cebo is ideal to share with your family, in dinners with friends and at those unexpected visits.

I encourage you to buy this Guijuelo Iberico Ham cut with a knife. Pleasing to the palate and eye-catching for its great presentation. All for an amazing price.

But that is not all; you will be able to find a wide range of Iberico Hams Cebo, different types and formats of Spanish ham with a FREE shipping possibility to anywhere in Europe. Regardless of size or weight. What else can you ask for?

Nieto Martín’s Guijuelo Iberico Ham peculiarities

Guijuelo Iberico Ham is a first-class Spanish product. It comes from 50% Iberian race pigs which have been fed with grain feed and raised in Nieto Martín’s own farms, ensuring their wellness and applying the EU requirements.

When we talk about a “cebo” ham we are referring to the type of breeding the animal has been through in the entire process. There are other kinds such as “cebo de campo”, “bellota” or “pata negra” with different characteristics, but they all share the Iberian race. You can find all the products here.

Other relevant features:

  1. It is under the Guijuelo Protected Designation of Origin, so it acquires some special characteristics that guarantee its production process, curing and quality.
  2. It has a curing time of more than 24 months, sometimes reaching 36.
  3. It is knife-cut presented in 1mm. thick and 4 cm. long thin slices. Vacuum-packed and perfectly placed in a round plate.
  4. Its fat ratio is the proper one to accomplish an exquisite taste, and its colour goes from pale pink to deep red.
  5. It is produced at Nieto Martín, one of the most remarkable entities in Spain at a national and international level on Iberico hams’ production in Salamanca. 

This Guijuelo Iberico Ham Cebo is perfect for those who appreciate the cut with a knife ham taste and look for the comfort of eating it straight away at the same time.

If you are not into cutting ham, this is your Iberico Ham Cebo. It is also available in different formats:

Sliced Guijuelo Iberico Ham

Guijuelo Ham Cebo leg

80 gr. net weight



Guijuelo Protected Designation of Origin

Nieto Martin

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Data sheet

80 gr
Iberico cebo ham, salt, preservatives E-250 and E-252
Does not contain any allergens
vacuum packed
taric code
net weight
80 gr.
Nieto Martin

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