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Cantabrian Boquerones 150 gr.

150 gr.
In stock

Cantabrian Anchovies 150 gr. at great price

Are you a fan of Cantabrian anchovies? Do you live in a European city and you can’t find your favorite Cantabrian product? In Gastronomic Spain you can place your order of Cantabrian Anchovies in different formats.

We offer our small jar of Cantabrian anchovies is 150 gr. net weight and you have it available with FREE shipping to any city in Europe. Check conditions.

Buy Cantabrian boquerones 150 gr. format online and shipping to all Europe 

Buy Cantabrian boquerones 150 gr. in Gastronomic Spain and enjoy this appetizer from the sea from anywhere in Europe.

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Cantabrian Boquerones in vinegar: 150 gr. format and great benefits

The Cantabrian Boquerones in vinegar that we have in Gastronomic Spain is one of the most popular and consumed appetizers in Spain. And it's no wonder!

Anchovies are also known as boquerones, they come from the family of Engraulis Encrasicolus, which is a type of saltwater blue fish with a very high commercial value.

This type of fish is characterized by its tapered and rounded body, with a large mouth and the corner of the mouth placed behind the eyes and greenish blue scales.

Our jar of Cantabrian boquerones in vinegar comes from Solevante and is packed in a 150gr. container so that they can be perfectly stored in the refrigerator.

Apart from being a very requested and exquisite product, it also has great benefits: 

1. Strengthens muscle growth, therefore it is highly recommended for athletes.

2. Strengthens bones because it is great source of calcium.

3.It prevents wrinkles because boquerones are rich in vitamins A and D with antioxidant function. 

4.Recommended during pregnancy: due to its high level of omega-3 it prevents premature births and promotes good brain development. 

5.It relieves stress: minerals (iodine, calcium and magnesium) reduce stress levels and provide energy.

How to keep Cantabrian Anchovies in the refrigerator

To keep Cantabrian Boquerones in the refrigerator the best option is to put the fish as back as possible, since it is the coldest part of the refrigerator.

To achieve this, the bucket should be tightly covered with the lid that comes in the container to prevent contact with the air or to prevent the transmission of odor and bacteria from other foods.

150 grams net weight

100 grams drained weight

format: Tupperware

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150 gr.
Anchovies, sunflower oil, olive oil, water, vinegar (sulphites) and salt
Contains fish

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Cantabrian Boquerones 150 gr.