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Sharp Organic Manchego Cheese

200 gr
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Buying Organic Cured Manchego Cheese at a good price

Manchego Cheese is one that lovers of good cheese love, and if we also tell you that it has been made with milk from their own livestock, in an extensive breeding farm and has obtained the accreditation of organic certification, aren’t you already dying to try it?

The Organic Manchego Cheese that we offer you is matured for seven to eight months, which is considered a mature cheese. It is a country cheese, made in a natural way and presented in a 200-gr. wedge vacuum-packed.

If you like cheeses with character, you will love this cheese made from raw sheep’s milk. We recommend buying a wedge of it and try the rest of Fuentillezjos farm cheeses.

Organic Cured Manchego Cheese ingredients.

The ingredients used to make this organic cheese are: raw milk from La Mancha sheep(*), lactic ferments, animal rennet, calcium chloride and salt. (*) From organic farming.

It is a product that contains practically no lactose, its long maturation means that the lactose is transformed into lactic acid, almost disappearing.

It is a gluten-free cheese, so it is suitable for coeliacs.

Certified Organic Cured Manchego Cheese characteristics

We introduce an Organic Manchego cheese in a 200gr. format, vacuum-packed and produced by the cheese factory Finca Fuentillezjos. This wedge is obtained from matured cheeses that have been aged for about 8 months and has an approximate weight of 2.3 kg. They are cheeses of sufficient size to obtain a texture on the inside that is consistent, but not hard. It is an easy cheese to cut with a knife, it is not brittle.

The appearance of this cheese shows a natural dark brown rind, hardened by the months of maturing, on which the marks of the mould with which it has been aged can be clearly distinguished and on the back label you can see part of the seal indicating that it is certified by the Manchego Cheese Designation of Origin.

Inside, the cheese has a homogenous straw-yellow colour that becomes more intense as it gets closer to the rind. In the mouth it has a firm, compact texture, but without being hard. It has a flavour that shows the character of traditional Manchego cheeses, which develops in the mouth and awakens some spicy nuances and tastes due to the raw milk with which it has been made.

We recommend this farm cheese which will definitely not go unnoticed. In addition to being a little piece of the most Castilian Spain, it is an appetizer that will get you out of more than one trouble. One of those types of food that is always good to have on hand, whether to eat every day, to have a snack dinner or to offer a unique Spanish product to an unexpected visitor.

Weight: 200-gr.

Brand: Finca Fuentillezjos


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Data sheet

200 gr
raw milk from La Mancha sheep(*), lactic ferments, animal rennet, calcium chloride and salt. (*) From organic farming
Contains lactose
Craftsman Cheese

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Sharp Organic Manchego Cheese