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Cured Manchego Cheese Don Cayo

200 gr
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We all know what Manchego cheese is, but few appreciate its great gastronomic value. Cured Manchego cheese is made with milk from sheep of the Manchego breed, as we are talking about a cheese with a Protected Designation of Origin. It is cured for between 6 and 8 months.

A cured cheese to die for.

If you are in charge of preparing a dinner for your friends, don't hesitate to serve our cured Manchego cheese. It will be a great success.

Cured Manchego Cheese Don Cayo

Our cured Manchego cheese is made in the traditional way with milk from sheep of the Manchego breed. The cheese with Protected Designation of Origin is cured for 6 - 8 months.

t is a compact cured cheese with a firm texture and a typical ivory colour. Its intense and deep flavour is what characterises Manchego cheeses.

A great cheese like our cured Manchego cheese is best enjoyed piece by piece. Accompany it with a good red wine, a cold craft beer or let it be part of a good snack.

But you will not only be able to enjoy Manchego cheeses or Spanish cheeses, the wide variety of Spanish products found in Gastronomic Spain is surprising, it has more than 1000 foods from Spain, including: Iberian ham, chorizo, sobrasada from Mallorca or the typical canned from the sea such as pickled mussels.

Benefits of Cured Manchego cheese

Among the benefits of Manchego cheese we can find several surprises. We may not love cheese, but more than one of us did not know about the existence of these benefits of Manchego cheese.

  • Above all, it is an important source of calcium, a very necessary substance for the development of bones.
  • On the other hand, it provides energy and protein, and acts as an energy store.
  • And finally, it is a balanced and digestive food. A perfect product for balanced diets.

Cured Manchego cheese has been a winner at the World Cheese Awards

Our cured Manchego cheese has won several national and international awards. The most important international awards are:

World Cheese Awards 2018: Gold medal.

World Cheese Awards 2008: silver medal.

World Cheese Awards 2009: Silver Medal

Great Taste Awards 2012: gold medal

The Don Cayo cured cheese tasting:

  • Smell: The characteristic smell of aged cheese,
  • Texture: It has a consistent texture due to its 6-month cure.
  • Color: The color is a mixture of yellowish white, with shades of ivory white and soft straw yellow.
  • Flavor: A pleasant flavor with personality.

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Manchego Cheese

Don Cayo

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200 gr
Pasteurized milk from La Mancha sheep, salt, calcium chloride, lysozyme (egg-derived preservative), rennet and lactic ferments. In bark: coating agent based on fatty acids. Polyvinyl acetate and dye E-150, E-160b. Inedible rind.
contains eggs and/or derivatives (lisozime), lactose
vacuum packed
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Cured Manchego Cheese Don Cayo