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Organic Mild Manchego Cheese

200 gr

Buying Organic Semi-Cured Manchego Cheese

Spain is a country with a great diversity of cheeses. Depending on the province we are in, different cheeses are made from cow’s, sheep’s or even goat’s milk. In addition to the shape and the maturing of these cheeses, it is also of great importance whether the milk used for aging is pasteurized or raw milk. Of all the cheeses, Manchego cheese is probably the most renowned and internationally recognized.

Organic food is a reality in Spanish cuisine. The Finca Fuentillezjos (Fuentillezjos Farm) knows this well, which is why they became the first cheese factory to make certified organic Manchego cheese with the Manchego Designation of Origin.

We recommend buying this certified Organic Semi-Cured Manchego Cheese. It is delicious and comes in a vacuum-packed wedge of 200-gr.

Organic Fuentillezjos Semi-Cured Manchego Cheese ingredients

Pasteurised Manchego sheep’s MILK*, lactic ferments, calcium chloride, animal rennet and sea salt*. (*) From organic farming.

This product contains Lactose. It is gluten-free, so is suitable for coeliacs.

Organic Semi-Cured Manchego Cheese with 2 months maturing period characteristics

This semi-cured cheese is characterized by being made with Manchego sheep’s raw milk and has a maturing process of 2 months. It comes in s 200-gr. wedge and vacuum-packed with a thick seal that guarantees its preservation.

Visually, it has a natural light brown rind, which shows the mould marks and the seal of the Manchego Cheese Designation of Origin. Inside, the cheese has a white colour with straw-yellow tones. It has a soft consistency. In the mouth it is tender, with a smooth and balanced flavour, in which a slight but pleasant piquancy, characteristic of cheeses made from raw sheep’s milk, gradually appears.

For a cheese to be considered Manchego, it must meet three requirements, the first being that the milk comes only from sheep of the Manchego breed. Secondly, that the cheese factory where it is made is located in Castilla La Mancha (region in the center of Spain) and thirdly, that it is a cheese certified by the Designation of Origin.

Our friends at the Fuentillezjos farm go two steps further. They make what is called a “Farmhouse cheese” or a “Country cheese”, which means that the milk used to make it is obtained from their own livestock. In this case, the livestock at the Fuentillezjos farm is made up of 2,000 Manchego breed sheep, which live together in the same place where the cheeses are made.

On the other hand, the Manchego cheeses they make have the organic certificate, which means that both the animal feeding and the rest of the ingredients with which the cheese is made are 100% natural. The ecologically farmed pastures on which the sheep are fed is grown without the use of any chemical agents, pesticides, herbicides or synthetic chemical fertilisers. At the same time, is in necessary to ensure that the livestock have enough space to graze freely and get enough grass to feed.

All this work and effort results in an exceptional Semi-cured Manchego Cheese with the seals of the Manchego Cheese Designation of Origin and the organic certificate label.

Weight: 200-gr.

Fuentillezjos Cheese brand



Data sheet

200 gr
Pasteurized milk from La Mancha sheep, lactic ferments, rennet, calcium chloride and salt.
Contains lactose
Craftsman Cheese

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Organic Mild Manchego Cheese