Cured Manchego Cheese

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Simply an extraordinary cheese.

The aged Manchego Cheese is traditionally made with sheep milk. A high quality cheese with an intense and balanced taste.

wedge aprox. 250 gr.
vacuum packed

Our Manchego Cheese is traditionally elaborated with manchego breed sheep milk. The cheese, with protected origin, ages 6 - 8 months.

It is a compact cheese with a frim texture and the typical ivory white colour. The intense and profound taste is what characterizes the manchego cheese.

A great cheese like our aged Manchego Cheese is enjoyed best piece by piece. Acompany the cheese with a good red wine, a cold craft beer or let it be part of a good tapas meal.

Our aged Manchego Cheese has won different national and international prices.
Outstanding international prices:

World Cheese Awards 2018: Gold Medal
World Cheese Awards 2008: silver medal
World Cheese Awards 2009: silver medal
Great Taste Awards 2012: gold medal

wedge aprox. 250 gr
vacuum packed

  • Ingredients: sheep milk from manchega sheep, lactic ferment: calcium chloride, rennet: salt, bark treatment (E-202, E-203) bark colouring (E-175)
  • Allergens: contains eggs and/or derivatives (lisozime), lactose

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