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Black Olive Tapenade

120 gr.
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Black Olive Tapenade, a different and delicious appetiser

Simply 100% tasty. Coming from the region of “Bajo Aragón”, our Black Olive Tapenade is traditionally made, using only the best ingredients. The refined taste of empletre black olive will not leave you indifferent. Our Black Olive Tapenade is branded by Marchenica, based on Teruel and with more than 100 years of dedication to the Aragonese land.

Enjoy this Black Olive Tapenade by Marchenica as an appetiser or tapa or used in your favourite recipe. Free delivery to Europe available.

Black olive tapenade what it is: 

To explain what the tapenade is, we must go into parts. The tapenade is also known as spreadable paste that is elaborated, normally, with minced meat, liver or fat, adding herbs, spices or wine. In this case, our black olive tapenade, as its name indicates, it is elaborated from black olives and not with meat. These black olives are mixed with extra virgin olive oil and that is how the black olive tapenade is made. 

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Black Olive tapenade characteristics 

Our black olive tapenade only needs two ingredients to its elaboration: black olives and extra virgin olive oil

The black olives are from the Empeltre variety, also known as Empelte o Pagesa. It is an olivo tree variety that is usually located in Baleares, but overall, in Aragón. Specially, these black olives of our Marchenica tapenade come from Bajo Aragón.

It is also known as black olive tapenade by its brownish colour and its intense flavour to empeltre black olive, ideal to eat with a toast or to use it to give a special touch to your dishes. It comes in a 120gr. jar and it is from the brand Marchenica. This Delicious black olive tapenade is characterized by being 100% handmade, with an unbeatable flavour and texture. 

Black Olive tapenade ingredients 

Black olive and extra virgin olive oil. 



Marchenica tapenades: with more than 100 years of experience and dedication 

This black olive tapenade that we have available at Gastronic Spain, comes from the brand Marchenica, which started at 1899 elaborating olive oil at Calanda, Teruel. Nowadays, they have expanded their field of work, producing a wide variety of products, from tapenades, olives and olive oil, to the famous Calanda peach in syrup

The Marchenica Tapenade is an original Aragonese product. From the Bajo Aragón region, they offer us a delicious range of tapenades with a unique flavour that combine history, culture, and the gastronomy itself. 

Black Olive Tapenade of Marchenica recipe 

One of the curiosities of the black olive paté is that is also known as “tapenade”, although the original recipe of the tapenade is different because it includes ingredients such as anchovies or capers. 

At Gastronomic Spain we are going to explain the recipe of how to elaborate this black olive tapenade just as Marchenica does: 

1. In the first place, we will drain the black olives (in case they come in jar). 

2. In the second place, we will wash them under the sink, and we will drain them again. It is advisable to use a strainer. 

3. If they have a bone in it, remove it. 

4. Next, we will keep our black olives in a bowl or in a blender. We will blend them. It is important to consider the time spent, because depending on the creaminess that we want, we will blend more or less. 

5. To this process we will add a little bit of extra virgin olive oil. 

6. Finally, we will have a delicious black olive tapenade. 

How to eat the Black Olive tapenade 

The best way to enjoy this delicious tapenade is with some appetizers, tapas or the famous canapés.

At Gastronomic Spain we offer you 3 different forms to surprise your palate with a fast, easy and delicious canapés of black olive tapenade

- Canapé of black olives, cheese and tomato: as delicious as it sounds! The black olive tapenade is spread on a piece of bread, you place some cheese on top of it and finally, a cherry tomato. With a drizzle of olive oil it is spectacular. 

- Canapé of North white bonito, black olive tapenade and caviar: a cold combination that will surprise your palate. The tapenade spread, some white bonito on top of it and finally, we will give a touch with some caviar. Amazing! 

- Canapé of black olive tapenade with quail eggs: the combination of the black olive tapenade with the quail egg has no words to describe it. The mouthfeel fusion is incredible, and if you want to be an amazing host, this canapé of black olive must be on your menu. 

Black Olive Tapenade buy online 

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Distance is not the excuse to not enjoy the great pleasure of the Spanish gastronomy. 

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120 gr.
Black Olive and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. WITHOUT PRESERVATIVES OR DYES.
According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no allergens are contained.
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Black Olive Tapenade