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Arbequina Olive Spread

220 gr
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Arbequina olive spread: intense and pleasant flavour

The Arbequina Olive Spread comes from Bajo Aragón and it is a 100% natural product of high quality. Its intense flavour of arbequina green olive is very pleasant to the palate and it can be used in a large variety of dishes.

Our Arbequina Olive spread comes from Marchenica, producing Teruel products to take them to your table, with more than 100 years of experience and dedication to the calandina land.

What Arbequina olive spread is: 

The Arbequina Olive spread is a type of tapenade elaborated with a selection of the best and top-quality arbequina olives and with an incredible extra virgin olive oil from Aragón. This Arbequina olive spread comes from Marchenica and is completely natural. It is handmade produced, without any additives, preservatives or food colourings and it is a perfect product to eat as an appetizer or canapé. 

The tapenade, also known as spreadable paste, is perfect to eat as an appetizer, canapés or even to use it in some dishes with pasta. It is a 100% natural product, without food colourings or preservatives. Top-quality and at an exceptional price. 

If you are a tapenade lover, you can buy HERE a great variety. 

Arbequina olive spread characteristics 

The Arbequina olive spread is elaborated with the best olives from Bajo Aragón. This arbequina olive spread is handmade produced and it is characterized by having an intense scent and flavour but also balanced and pleasant.

This product comes from the brand Marchenica, a benchmark in Aragón and it is packed in a 220gr. net weight jar. 

Another of its main characteristics is the variety of the olive used: arbequina variety. It is a variety of olive tree characterized by its resistance to cold temperatures, its very low vigour and a smaller size than others grown in Spain. Thus, the arbequina olive variety is used, in addition to making tapenade, to eat olives as an appetizer or to produce high-quality olive oil: fluid and sweet. 

A curiosity of this arbequina variety is its name. This variety was introduced by the Medinaceli Duke in the XVII century, because he lived in the castle Arbeca, that is why the town has its name. 

Arbequina olive spread ingredients:

Arbequina olives and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 




Marchenica’s tapenades 

Our Arbequina Olive Spread comes from Marchenica, they started in 1899 producing olive oil in Calanda, Teruel. Nowadays, they have expanded the field of work, producing a large variety of products, such as tapenades, olives, and olive oil, to the famous Calanda peach in syrup

The Marchenica is located in Bajo Aragón, where they work with dedication and sweetness to elaborate high quality products. They are a benchmark and have more than 100 years of experience and dedication to the calandina land, they have been faithful to their origins. 

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220gr. net weight

110gr. drained weight

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220 gr
arbequina olives, extra virgin olive oil
According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no allergens are contained.
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220 gr
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Arbequina Olive Spread