Quail Pate

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The Quail Pate is a product of great quality with a fine and characteristic taste. The pate has a creamy texture that makes him ideal as spread.

100 gr
The Quail Pate is a high quality product. This extraordinary pate is very tasty and you can appreciate a touch of spices.

Our Quail Pate is carefully prepared with meat of quail and bird liver. The careful preparation, the creamy texture and the great taste convert the Quail Pate into a real delicacy.

The Quail Pate is ideal to have as spread, as starter or snack. It is very creamy, easy to spread and very tasty. Anyhow the pate is going to be a success.

100 gr
  • Ingredients: bird livers, quail, quali fumet, onion, bacon, extra virgin olive oil, champignon, Jerz wine, salt, dehydrated egg, vegetable fibre, caseinate, skimmed milk powder, spices, sugar, wheat flour, soy protein, emulsifiers (E-412, E-450i, E-451ii, E-452i), preservatives (E-200, E-262ii), antioxidant (E-301, E-331iii, E-325)
  • Allergens: contains egg and/or derivates, lactose, soy, gluten

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