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Green Olive Tapenade

120 gr.
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Green Olive Tapenade at great price

Let your imagination run free and prepare canapés and appetizers with the delicious Marchenica Green Olive Tapenade, an authentic appetizer of the Mediterranean!

Our Green Olive Tapenade, from Bajo Aragón, is made in a traditional and artisan way. It’s a natural and surprising product, that includes all the great flavor of green olives (95%) and extra virgin olive oil.

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What is the Green Olive Tapenade?

The tapenade is known for being a spreadable paste elaborated with different ingredients. The most common is made with meat, but in this case the tapenade is made exclusively with green olives (up to 95%) and extra virgin olive oil.

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Green olive tapenade qualities 

Green Olive Tapenade is made with olives from Bajo Aragón. 

This amazing product is handmade with green olives and extra virgin olive oil. This 100% natural delicacy has no added coloring or preservatives. And it is a GLUTEN FREE product.

This green olive tapenade is very versatile due to its creamy texture and surprising flavor. Get creative and try this product in different ways, conventionally on toast, adding it to salad dressings or as an ingredient for sauces and more elaborate dishes.

Our green olive tapenade is vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Another outstanding characteristic is the type of olives used. This green olive is the fruit of the olive tree, that belongs to the oleaceae family. The green olive, also known as olive, has a small size and green skin. Its pulp is juicy and it surrounds the characteristic olive stone. This fruit is also used for oil production.

Green Olive Tapenade Ingredients 

Green olives (95%) and extra virgin olive oil. 

Recommended to keep in a cool and dry place. Once opened, keep in the refrigerator and consume within one week.




Green Olive Tapenade Recipe

Green olive tapenade is always a great option to enjoy with a snack. It’s really easy to make, here’s the recipe: 

  1. First we will choose the green olives. If they are pitted, it will be better to save us work and time.
  2. Secondly, the green olives themselves will be beaten or chopped, until we reach the point we like.
  3. Once grinded and crushed, we add a few drops of olive oil.
  4. Stir again.
  5. And at the end, we will have the delicious recipe of green olive tapenade. 

Green Olive Tapenade from Marchenica 

Our green olive tapenade belongs to Marchenica, where since 1899 they have been carefully selecting, preparing and packaging products derived from olives and peaches.

Marchenica is located in Bajo Aragón, where they work with love and determination to make the best quality products. They are a referent with more than 100 years of experience and dedication to the Calandina land, and they have always been faithful to its origins.

Green olive tapenade online shopping

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120 gr.
Green olives and extra virgin olive oil
According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no allergens are contained.
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Green Olive Tapenade