Iberian "Secreto" Pate

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The Iberian "Secreto" Pate is a product of great quality with a fine and characteristic taste. The pate has a creamy texture that makes him ideal as spread.

100 gr
The Iberian "Sercreto" Pate is a high quality product. This extraordinary pate is very tasty and you can appreciate a touch of spices.

Our Iberian "Secreto" Pate is carefully prepared with pork meat. "Secreto" is a special cut consiting in the lean meat of the armpit. The careful preparation, the creamy texture and the great taste convert the Iberian "Secreto" Pate into a real delicacy.

The Iberian "Secreto" Pate is ideal to have as spread, as starter or snack. It is very creamy, easy to spread and very tasty. 

100 gr

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