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Iberian "Secreto" Pate

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What is Iberian “Secreto” Pate?

Iberian Pork Pate is a creamy paste made with one of the best meats of the Iberian pig. The pork “secreto” is a piece of meat located in the armpit of the pig, between the shoulder and the belly. It is characterised by its fatty infiltrations, which gives it its characteristic marbling and makes it very juicy and tender.

We offer you a gourmet Iberian “Secreto” Pate, of great quality, a delicious taste and a creamy texture that makes it easy to spread.

Iberian “Secreto” Pate ingredients:

Iberian pork liver (29%), pork meat and bacon, water, fried onion (onion, olive oil and salt), cultivated mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus), extra virgin olive oil (1.4%), wine, salt, skimmed milk powder, egg powder, pea fibre, sugars, garlic, emulsifiers: E-450i, E-451ii and E-452i, corn starch, spices, antioxidants: E-331i, E-301 and E-325, flavourings, preservatives: E-200 and E-262 and herbs.

Contains lactose and egg. Gluten-free, suitable for coeliacs.

Iberian “Secreto” Pate characteristics:

The Iberian “Secreto” Pate is a high-quality product, made with the finest raw materials. It is produced by Sacesa, under the brand name La Rivereña. It has a 110 g format and comes in a beautifully presented glass jar.

It is a mousse with a creamy texture, which means it can even be eaten without using a knife, by spreading a few pieces of crusty bread or chunks of breadcrumbs directly on it. It has a delicate, tasty and, above all, rich flavour. The smooth consistency makes it easy to melt in the mouth. It is a very useful product to prepare a quick snack dinner. It needs no preparation, a ready-to-open product that appeals to the most demanding consumers, regardless of their age.

Iberian “Secreto” Pate: incredible and delicious

The Iberian “Secreto” Pate is a top-quality product with the characteristic savour of Iberian Pate. It is made with pieces of Iberian “Secreto”, one of the most valued parts of the pig by prestigious chefs thanks to its texture and taste.

We recommend eating it during a nibble spread on bread, as its texture is smooth and tasty.

Enjoy the great Iberian “Secreto” Pate from anywhere in Europe thanks to the online shop of Spanish products Gastronomic Spain.

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Iberian "Secreto" Pate