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Iberian Pork Liver Pate

125 gr
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The Iberian pork liver pate is an artisan product of great quality and a refined and characteristic flavor. The Iberian pate has a creamy texture perfect to enjoy with a toast. This pate from Casa Tarradellas is made with the meat of top quality Iberian pigs, raised in the purest steppes.

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What is the Iberian Pork Liver Pate?

The Iberian Pork Liver pate is a high quality handmade product. The Iberian pate is a spreadable paste made from minced pork, it is very tasty and with its spicy touches, a delicacy.

Our Iberian pork liver pate comes from Casa Tarradellas and is carefully made from Iberian pork meat and pork liver. The careful elaboration, its creamy texture and great taste make the Iberian pork pate an exceptional product.

Casa Tarradellas pate is perfect to eat with toasts, as an appetizer or snack. It’s easy to spread, tastes delicious and it’s always a good choice.

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Casa Tarradellas Iberian Pork Liver Pate Ingredients:

Iberian pork meat and liver (65%), skim milk, salt, spices, aromas, antioxidant (sodium ascorbate), preservative (sodium nitrite). No coloring or starch.


Casa Tarradellas Pates

Casa Tarradellas is one of the best-known companies in Spain. They are known for their delicious pâtés, but also for their fuet Casa Tarradellas or fresh pizzas.

Casa Tarradellas is located in Osona (province of Barcelona, except for the municipalities of Viladrau, Vidrá and Espinelvas, which belong to Gerona), surrounded by mountains and abundant vegetation.

The tradition, commitment and dedication of the farmers descends from people who cultivated the land, raised cattle and figured out how to turn it into quality food.

They are characterized by the great care in each elaboration process to obtain the optimum quality of each product. In fact, Casa Tarradellas has received the following certificates:

- Environmental Management System Certificate according to ISO 14001.

- IFS - International Food Standard.

- BRC - British Retail Consortium.

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125 gr. net weight

Format: glass jar

Casa Tarradellas

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125 gr
Iberian pork meat and liver (65%), skim milk, salt, spices, aromas, antioxidant (sodium ascorbate), preservative (sodium nitrite). No coloring or starch.
Contains lactose.
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125 gr
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Iberian Pork Liver Pate