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Bellota Ham Guijuelo

7.5 kg.
In stock

Delicious Bellota Ham Guijuelo to enjoy with your family

A Bellota Ham makes you meet new people. I really doubt someone has ever said no to some good Iberico ham. An Iberico Bellota is more than a ham, it is taste of Spain. A Spanish product loved and appreciated by everyone.

Especially, our Acorn ham, which is Guijuelo Protected Designation of Origin, has a curing time of 36 months minimum at the very own bodegas of Nieto Martín, located in Guijuelo (Salamanca). It also comes from the 50% Iberian breed pig and has an estimate weight of 8 kg.

Enjoy the Bellota Ham Guijuelo for a more than amazing price

In Gastronomic Spain we are experts on Iberico Bellota hams. I encourage you to take a look at the offers in Iberico Bellota hams and treat yourself. You will find Bellota hams for a great price, considering there is FREE shipping to Europe.

For those who are fond of Spanish ham… Who would not like to find a Guijuelo Bellota Ham leg everyday at their kitchen? If you live out of Spain this dream can come true thanks to Gastronomic Spain. Enjoy with friends, family, and your beloved ones of one of the most appreciated products of the Spanish gastronomy.

Guijuelo Bellota Ham characteristics

The characteristics of our Guijuelo Bellota ham are more than excellent. This is one of the best hams you will find at our online store, and here’s why:

  • It comes from 50% Iberian breed pigs which have been raised in freedom in the meadows of Salamanca and mainly fed with Quercus’ tree acorns.
  • This ham has a curing time of at least 36 months and 48 months at most in the Guijuelo bodegas.
  • It is a whole bellota ham leg of approximately 7.5-8 kg.
  • It is produced at Nieto Martín’s farm, entity covered by the Guijuelo Protected Designation of Origin. For this reason, our bellota ham will have its corresponding seal which gives it such category. Maximum quality assured.
  • This ham is in the red tag ham category.

*To be able to consume the Bellota ham leg, a ham holder and a ham knife are needed to smoothly cut the slices. You can find several models in our online store.  

Buy your Bellota Ham Guijuelo Online and enjoy the FREE shipping

The Bellota Ham Guijuelo leg is a real delicacy. A natural ham from Guijuelo (Salamanca), in Spain.

If you are in the search of a ham like this one, you can have it at any European city thanks to Gastronomic Spain with FREE shipping.

It is time for you to taste the real Spanish gastronomic paradise, surprise your European friends and feel the warmth of your beloved ones with good Spanish products

7.5/8 kg. net weight (approximate)

Whole Bellota ham leg

Guijuelo Protected Designation of Origin

Nieto Martín

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7.5 kg.
According to de EU regulation 1169/2011 no alergens are contained.
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Nieto Martin

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Bellota Ham Guijuelo