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Spicy Frying Chorizo

200 gr
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Buying Spicy Parrillero Chorizo

Buy Spicy Parillero Chorizo at Gastronomic Spain at an unbeatable price. This fresh spicy chorizo is a delight. Our air-dried parillero chorizo is 100% natural with no colourings nor preservatives. It is ideal for typical Spanish dishes such as the fried eggs with chorizo or for just simply eating a good chorizo.

Yet if you are looking for another type of air-dried chorizo, more cured, smoked and that it is not spicy don’t hesitate to look in our online shop, as you will be surprised by the great variety of chorizos at your disposal.

It is hard to find a good air-dried chorizo abroad. This fresh spicy chorizo is a jewel. With a big piece of salted fresh lard and white pig lean. It is ideal for typical Spanish dishes such as the fried eggs with chorizo or for just simply eating a good chorizo.

At Gastronomic Spain you can find all kinds of chorizo. From sarta chorizo until a good Pamplonica chorizo. You will eat as if you were in Spain.

Characteristics of the Air-dried spicy chorizo to fry

We present to you a spicy chorizo ideal to fry. It comes presented in a heat-insulating punnet with a protective atmosphere. In each punnet there are 3 chorizos.

When saying that it is an air-dried chorizo, we are saying that is a chorizo which has received a light curation / drying, not over 10 days. This process makes the skin and the surface of the chorizo to lose water and harden, creating a light crust.

This is an ideal chorizo to fry or put into dishes or stews. The skin can be eaten, yet it needs to be cooked before being eaten.

These are 12 cm long and 3 cm wide. Traditionally, these were the typical string chorizos, although now they come cut and packed to lengthen their life.

Ingredients of the Palcarsa spicy chorizo to fry

The ingredients of the air-dried chorizo are: pork’s meat, spicy paprika, salt, garlic, organo. Natural pork belly. It does not have colourings or preservatives.

It is lactose and gluten free.

A spicy chorizo to fry, perfect for your dishes

Buy one of the best fried chorizos, the Spicy Parrillero Chorizo. At the online shop of Gastronomic Spain, you will find it cheap and of the first quality.

It is made in León and it needs to be cooked in a barbecue, grill or pan before being eaten. The spicy parillero chorizo is made with: white pig’s meat, paprika, salt, garlic, organo and the spicy touch, which differentiates it from the rest.

Don’t hesitate to look our chorizo catalogue.

3 units of spicy parrillero chorizo

Net weight 200 gr

Vacuum-packed in a protective atmosphere


Data sheet

200 gr
Pork, spicy paprika, salt, garlic and oregano
does not contain allergens
plastic tray termo shield
taric code
net weight
200 gr

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Spicy Frying Chorizo