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Sliced Guijuelo Bellota Ham

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Sliced Guijuelo Bellota Iberico Ham, ready to serve straight to the plate

When we talk about sliced Guijuelo bellota ham, we are talking about a ham with a name and surname. It is one of those products that, when they put it in front of you, you don’t know how to deny it. Who dares to deny a good iberico acorn fed ham? There are even people trying to create a vegan ham. That must be because there is always a desire to eat ham.

Gastronomic Spain, your shop of cheap hams, puts at your disposition all kind of acorn fed iberico hams, if you are looking for any other cut or presentation, you can find them right here.

The sliced Guijuelo bellota ham is a recommended product when you don’t have a slicer or when you simply don’t like to cut ham, preferring to enjoy ham quickly and without any difficulty. It is perfect when you don’t feel like cooking or when you have a surprise visit.

This acorn fed iberico ham has a maturing time of more than 24 months, it comes from the region of Salamanca, from the locality of Guijuelo. It has been obtained from acorn fed iberico pigs, nourished by natural pastures and acorns.

Cured ham is one of the most international and worldwide known Spanish products. However, it is true that outside Spain the offer of hams is way smaller. In Europe, in big capitals, it is relatively easy to find serrano ham and some kinds of iberico ham. However, all kind of hams offered by Gastronomic Sain are practically imposible to find. Much less if we focus on small localities and rural areas.

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jamón de cerdo, sal y conservadores E-252 y E-250
no contiene alérgenos
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vacuum packed
net weight
100 gr

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Sliced Guijuelo Bellota Ham