Pumpkin Chorizo

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The sausage that last 'all year'.

The Pumpkin Chorizo is an exquisite from Extremadura. It is similar to a classic chorizo and made with pork meats and pumpkin puree. The Pumpkin Chorizo has the characteristic taste of a chorizo together with the sweetness of the pumpkin.

whole piece
aprox. 350 gr.
vacuum packed

The Pumpkin Chorizo is called the one that lasts all year because it has a very long duration. It is an exquisite from the region of Extremadura and it is a chorizo variety with pumpkin added. The soft texture and the sweet taste of pumpkin make this sausage so popular.

Our Pumpkin Chorizo is made following the traditional recipe with lean pork meat, bacon, pumpkin puree and cayenne (pimenton) from la Vera. The mix of the meats, puree and spices creates a unique, exquisite and slightly sweet taste. The Pumpkin Chorizo has a orange colour and a creamy and soft texture.

Enjoy our Pumpkin Chorizo directly cut or as spread. Besides it is very tasty fried or as ingredient for your Spanish stews.

whole piece
aprox. 350 gr.
vakuum packed

  • Ingredients: lean pork meat, bacon, pumpkin, potato, onion, salt, cayenne (pimenton) D.O. la Vera, oregano, dextrin, antioxidant (E-301), preservative (E-250)
  • Allergens: contains soy and/or derivates, lactose

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