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Sliced Iberico Chorizo

80 gr.
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Buy online sliced Iberian chorizo

We present you a sliced and vacuum-packed Iberian chorizo. It is made by the Nieto Martín ham dryer, which is part of the Guijuelo Designation of Origin, in Salamanca. It uses pigs from its own livestock to produce hams, shoulders, and Iberian sausages of the highest quality.

This Iberian chorizo is obtained from Iberian bait breed pigs with 50% Iberian breed. It is a chorizo of the thick-casing type, made with sweet paprika, it is not spicy. If you are looking for other types of chorizo or Iberian sausages, you can find them here.

Characteristics of the sliced Iberian chorizo:

This Iberian chorizo come in an 80g. format, thinly sliced and peeled. It is a thick-casing chorizo, made from a mixture of thickly chopped Iberian pork lean, bacon and paprika. The chorizo is stuffed into the pig’s large intestine. The result is a thick slice with a diameter of 5-7cm. and longer curing process, which produces a denser chorizo, with a harder texture and consistency. Unlike other chorizos and Iberian sausages made with the natural intestine casing, the skin of this chorizo can’t be eaten, as it is very thick and coarse, that is why this chorizo is sliced without the skin.

It has a dark red colour, with brown, red and white tonalities. A circle-shaped slice, with an intense flavour that lingers on the palate.

Ingredients of the Nieto Martín’s sliced Iberian Chorizo:

The thick-casing Iberian chorizo of Guijuelo is made with the following ingredients: Iberian pork, salt, lactose, dextrin, sweet paprika, soya protein, garlic, olive oil, milk protein, dextrose, stabiliser (e-451 1), antioxidants (E-250 and E-252) and colorant (E-120). Natural pig casing (not edible).

It contains lactose, soya protein, milk protein. Gluten-free.

Sliced Iberian bait chorizo

80gr. net weight


Nieto Martín

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80 gr.
Iberian bait pork, salt, lactose, dextrin, paprika, soy protein, milk protein, garlic, olive oil, dextrose, stabilizer (E-451 i), antioxidants (E-316 and E-331 iii) , preservatives (E-250, E-252), aroma and coloring (E-120).
It contains lactose, soya protein, milk protein
Nieto Martin

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Sliced Iberico Chorizo