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Spicy Sobrasada from Majorca

400 gr
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The spicy sobrasada from Majorca will be your best choice. Are you a spicy lover?

If you are a lover of sausage and sobrasada, without a doubt, you are at the best place. At Gastronomic Spain you will find both the typical spicy sobrasada from Majorca and other types of Majorcan sobrasada, for all tastes. The flavour of the island at your fingertips with just one click!

Spicy sobrasada from Majorca is made from lean pork, black pepper, salt, spices and the ingredient that sets it apart: paprika with a spicy touch.

This product with a Majorcan designation of origin is perfect for tapas, snacks, even to be spread on bread - a snack of sobrasada from Majorca is ideal!

Buy online Spicy Sobrasada from Majorca

Enjoy our tasty spicy Majorcan sobrasada with a well spread piece of bread, as well as the other spicy sobrasada from Majorca formats. Buying Sobrasada de Mallorca Spicy online is the best option if you live abroad. But if you are interested in other typical products of Spanish gastronomy, you can consult our wide range of Mallorcan sobrasadas at a good price.You will also find all kinds of traditional and special products from the Iberian Peninsula that will remind you of your childhood and those foods that I prepared for you. the grandmother.

Characteristics of Spicy Sobrasada from Majorca

The spicy Mallorquina sobrasada has the seal of the PGI Sobrasada de Mallorca and has been prepared in compliance with all the requirements to acquire the certification. Here are some of the characteristics of this delicious spreadable sausage.

  • Ingredients

The main ingredients used to make this sobrasada from Mallorca are: equal parts pork, pork bacon, salt, pepper and hot paprika. The spicy Sobrasada comes in natural casing.

  • Elaboration

The elaboration of the spicy Majorcan sobrasada has three parts. First of all the mincing, it is minced very finely until the meat acquires a size of less than 6 mm. Then the ingredients, hot paprika, salt and black pepper are added. You have to mix all the ingredients until it acquires a homogeneous texture. It is then stuffed into artificial casing and left to cure under certain conditions for a minimum of 1 month.

  • Taste

Spicy Mallorquina sobrasada has a spicy flavor, a creamy and unctuous texture. It is a very versatile sausage, despite its spicy flavor, it can be integrated in many ways.

One of the most popular combinations, it has the name of Cojonudos Toast. These toasts consist of a slice of bread on which sobrasada has been spread and a fried quail egg is placed on it. It is a juicy combination. In the mouth, the yolk of the quail egg explodes and mixes with the intense flavor of the spicy sobrasada.

  • Sobrasada color and shape

Spicy Majorcan sobrasada has a deep red color. This color is due to the hot paprika and the curing of the sausage. Often traditional Sobrasadas have an amorphous shape, due to the fact that they are made with natural pork tripe. At one end it has a string that is used to hang the sobrasada during its healing. Because sobrasada reduces its weight a lot, that rope remains embedded in the sausage.

  • Sausage curing

The spicy Majorcan sobrasada has a cure of at least 1 month. Due to the curing of this spicy spreadable sausage, the skin that surrounds the sobrasada has a firm texture, if it is left out of the refrigerator and without vacuum, the crust can become brittle.

If you are a lover of sobrasada and spicy, this product will be the star of your dish. The spicy Sobrasada de Mallorca, with PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) comes in a whole piece format and with all the flavor of the Balearic Islands. This typical Spanish sausage has a very rich and traditional spicy flavor.

It is made in the same way as sobrasada de Mallorca, that is, in a traditional way with pork and seasoned with salt, black pepper and paprika, but with a pinch of spice. Spicy Mallorcan sobrasada is characterized by a bright reddish / orange color and a soft texture, ideal for spreading.

How to consume El Zagal spicy Mallorquina Sobrasada:

When consuming the Mallorquina sausage sobrasada, you have to keep these tips in mind:

  1. Cut the sobrasada into slices and then remove the tripe that surrounds the slice. Do not urge and leave all the skin in the sobrasada, it already makes it difficult to preserve the sausage and even mold may appear.
  2. When you finish consuming the sobrasada, wrap the open end in plastic wrap, so that the entire surface of the sobrasada is in contact with the film
  3. Store the sobrasada in the fridge.

Spicy Sobrasada from Majorca

Weight. 400 gr

Format: whole piece, semi-curled, packed in a protective atmosphere.

Keep in a cool, dry place.

Brand: El Zagal

Produced by: El Zagal Tradición S.A.U.

P. Ernesto Mestre 67, 07200 Felantix (Mallorca), Spain


Data sheet

400 gr
bacon, antioxidants (B.H.A., B.H.T., propyl gallate), lean pork, paprika, salt, dextrose, black pepper, stabiliser (pentasodium triphosphate). Natural pork casing.
El Zagal

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Spicy Sobrasada from Majorca