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Cantimpalo Chorizo Sausage

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Cantimpalo Chorizo Sausage about Embutidos Bricio

The Cantimpalo chorizo is a cold meat that is made from fresh white and fatty pork to which salt and paprika are added as basic ingredients, but garlic and spices are also added.

Do not hesitate to try one of the most popular chorizos in the Spanish gastronomic market, the cantimpalo chorizo.

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If there is a homemade chorizo that stands out above all the others, that is the Cantimpalo chorizo sausage from Embutidos Bricio. A sweet chorizo with a delicious village flavor.

The most typical way to eat Cantimpalo chorizo is accompanied by a good piece of bread, although it can be served in many other ways, such as an assortment of chorizo and cheese accompanied by a good red wine.

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What is Cantimpalo chorizo?

Cantimpalo Chorizo Sausage is a type of sweet chorizo very popular among the Spanish population. Cantimpalo is a town located in Segovia where this variety of sausage was born and that, little by little, has been expanding throughout the Spanish territory.

The achorized Cantimpalo is homemade, traditional and with traditional flavor and aromas. Made from lean and white pork belly (93%), salt and sweet paprika, they make this chorizo a perfect sausage to surprise more than one.

Characteristics of the Cantimpalo chorizo from Embutidos Bricio

Our Cantimpalo chorizo comes from Embutidos Bricio, a family business dedicated exclusively to the production of cold cuts.

Embutidos Bricio combines the authenticity of traditional production with new technologies, so that the sausages and, especially, the Cantimpalo chorizo do not lose their essence. That is why our sausages are made using premium quality pork and spices to achieve an unmistakable aroma and flavor.

Among the characteristics of the chorizo Cantimpalo de Bricio we can highlight:

• It has a cure of between 21 and 40 days, depending on the format.

• Sometimes a thin layer of white mold is common. Something natural due to the type of curing that the sausage itself has had.

• Cantimpalo is a chorizo similar to village chorizo, those of a lifetime.

• It is a type of dry, reddish and well cured chorizo.

Who doesn't want a piece of Cantimpalo chorizo with bread?

Cantimpalo ingredients

Among the main ingredients of Cantimpalo we find: Lean pork and bacon (93%), common salt, paprika, sugar, lactose, dextrin, milk protein, emulsifiers (E-451, E-450), antioxidant (E-301), preservatives (E-250, E- 252), spices and coloring (E-120).

Preparation of Cantimpalo chorizo

To make Cantimpalo chorizo, the meat must first be conditioned so that excess fats are eliminated. Secondly, the mincing: the meat remains at a temperature between 0º and 2ºC.

Next, kneading is carried out by mixing the ingredients until they form a homogeneous dough to later leave it to rest in the cold room at a temperature of 2 and 7º C.

The next step would be the stuffing of the meat in the casing. Once tied, the curing takes between 21 and 40 days, depending on the format. While its drying must exceed 40% of the total curing time.

Finally, the Cantimpalo chorizo will be vacuum packed to be labeled with the Protected Geographical Indication identification.

350 gr. net weight (approx)

vacuum packed

Embutidos Bricio


Data sheet

350 gr
Lean pork and bacon (93%), common salt, paprika, sugar, lactose, dextrin, milk protein, emulsifiers (E-451, E-450), antioxidant (E-301), preservatives (E-250, E- 252), spices and coloring (E-120).

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Cantimpalo Chorizo Sausage

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