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Chorizo with Black Truffle

330 gr
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The Chorizo with Black Truffle is a sausage of top quality, which is a combination of the lean of the pigs with which the jam from Teruel is elaborated with the black truffle of Sarrión. It has a unique taste that will surprise everyone. A chorizo with black truffle that is artisanally and traditionally made with the best ingredients.

The Chorizo with Black Truffle is a new product and it has nothing to envy other traditional sausages like the chorizo cular, the spicy chorizo or any other Iberian sausage.

But if you are looking for other types of chorizos, like the Iberian chorizo or the chorizos white pig, the online shop of Gastronomic Spain will be your paradise.

Chorizo with Black Truffle Characteristics:

Our chorizo has a horseshoe shape, a thickness of 2-3 centimetres and a weight of 350 gr. It has a long curing time, so it is not the most suitable chorizo to cook. It has an intense red colour and in its interior you can appreciate the pieces of truffle. Contrary to other sausages of less quality, our chorizo is elaborated with black truffle of Sarrión, not with truffle substitutes.

Chorizo with Black Truffle, an exquisite avangard

The new Chorizo with Black Truffle is a delicacy that Gastronomic Spain offers you. Your online shop of the best Spanish products, directly to your kitchen and with FREE shipping to all Europe.

The Chorizo with Black Truffle is one of the most new chorizos in the market, and it is also one of the most acclaimed. The Chorizo with Black Truffle has a special texture, an exquisite aroma and a distinctive taste.

Chorizo with Black Truffle Ingredients:

Pork, sweet paprika, lactose, species, salt protein aisala of soya, olive oil and black truffle from Sarrión. Our chorizo with black truffle is gluten free, so it is apt for celiacs.

This Chorizo does not contain GLUTEN, so it is suitable for celiac people.

Chorizo with Black Truffle, a high quality sausage from Teruel

As you well know, Gastronomic Spain is an online shop from Teruel. We are very proud of offering a high quality chorizo. Jamones Carbó, which also elaborated the jam from Teruel with Designation of origin, is a family business, located in Calamocha. It carefully elaborates our sausages with black truffle.

The black truffle from Simón is one of the most appreciated products in our provincie, used in haute cuisine for many years and today it has been integrated in some of the most typical sausages in our region like the sausage of Aragón, salchichones or our chorizo with black truffle.

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330 gr
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Chorizo with Black Truffle