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Pañoleta Cheese

250 gr
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What is the Pañoleta Cheese?

The Pañoleta cheese is a type of cured artisan Spanish cheese made from raw sheep’s and cow’s milk. Depending on the season in which it is made, it may contain goat’s milk. It is an artisan signature cheese that the Fanbar family business has been making handmade for generations. It is a cheese made in the Bajo Aragón region, in the province of Teruel.

Pañoleta cheese characteristics:

We offer you a wedge of pañoleta cheese of about 250gr. Vacuum-packed. It is a natural cheese, made with raw sheep’s and cow’s milk and it is cured for a few months. This cheese takes on this name because of the production process used. It is not made using a mold, but rather the shape of cheese is due to the cloth, hence pañoleta, in which it is wrapped.

As it is a natural cheese, one of its characteristics is that it is wrapped in salt during the maturing process. Once the maturing process is complete, the cloth is removed and a thin layer of olive oil is applied so that the crust hardens without cracking. It is a unique cheese, as no two cheeses have the same shape and weight. The result is a giant cheese, weighing between 4 and 6.5kg.

Pañoleta cheese ingredients

Ingredients: pasteurized goat milk, rennet, salt, calcium chloride, lactic ferments and egg lysozyme as a preservative.

It is a cheese made with pasteurized goat milk. It does not contain gluten.

Buy Pañoleta cheese by Fanbar: artisan and cured

If you are a cheese lover, pañoleta cheese will surprise you. It has a mild and pleasant flavour and tender texture. Its characteristic shape gives it a good presence, especially if you are going to include it on a cheese board. Undoubtedly, it is a cheese made with love that transmits in every bite the passion and knowledge that the Fanbar family puts into all in its cheeses.

250gr. net weight (approximately)

Vacuum packed

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Data sheet

250 gr
pasteurized goat milk, rennet, salt, calcium chloride, lactic ferments and egg lysozyme as a preservative
Contains lactose and egg derivatives.
vacuum packed
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net weight
0.250 kg.
Craftsman Cheese

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Pañoleta Cheese