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Fanbar cheese

290 gr.
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Handmade Fanbar Cheese Wedge

Fanbar Cheese is a signature product made by the Familia Fanbar (Fanbar Family) for generations. It weights around 3kg and has a ripening of 2 to 4 months. We offer it in a vacuum-packed 290gr. piece.

If there is one thing that stands out about an artisanal cheese, it is its personality. No two of them are the same and the Fanbar family knows this. Regardless of whether the same type of pasteurized sheep’s and cow’s milk is utilised, the proportions and the aging processes applied give rise to a different, unique cheese.

Fanbar Cheese ingredients

It is a natural cheese made from pasteurized cow’s and sheep’s milk. Its ingredients are: Bovine milk 50%, sheep milk 50%, salt and rennet.

As you can see, it uses only natural products of the highest quality. It contains lactose and is gluten-free, suitable for coeliacs.

Signature Fanbar Cheese characteristics:

Fanbar Cheese is considered a semi-cured type since it is matured for 2 to 4 months. The wedge is obtained from a large piece of about 3kg. It is a living cheese, as it is born, evolves and matures. Only natural components are used and only salt and olive oil are added as preservatives. On this occasion, a mixture of pasteurised sheep’s and cow’s milk from farms in Aragon is employed.

Unlike other cheeses, such as the Pañoleta or the Patamulo, it is made in a cylindrical mould, with a straw colour on the surface due to the layer of olive oil that is has been given in its last stage of the aging process, which gives more consistency to the rind and prevents it from cracking. Inside it has a soft texture and consistency and an immaculate white colour. Its taste is pleasant and delicate in the mouth. It conveys the flavouring.

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At Gastronomic Spain we want to bring the savour of the countryside to you, and this is a clear example of that. A cheese from the village, made with natural constituents of the highest quality and with the care and I hope that puts the Fandos family in each of their cheeses. If you want to discover new flavours of Spanish cheeses, beyond the more commercial ones, you will like this one.

290 gr. net weight (approximately)


Fanbar Cheeses


Data sheet

290 gr.
Bovine milk 50%, sheep milk 50%, salt and rennet.
contains lactose
vacuum packed
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0.290 kg.
Craftsman Cheese

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Fanbar cheese