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Cured Cheese Los Tambores

240 gr.
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Cured Cheese Los Tambores

Cured cheese Los Tambores is an artisan cheese of about 3kg that we offer you in a wedge format of 240gr. A cheese made with raw sheep’s milk and naturally cured for about 12 months. It is considered the oldest cured sheep’s cheese in Teruel.

When we move away from the more commercial cheeses, we find gastronomic gems such as the cured cheese Los Tambores. A cheese that blends the history and tradition of Bajo Aragón with products of the highest quality. A tribute to a land where drums and bass drums are much more than just an instrument. Like this percussion instrument, cured cheese Los Tambores is the gastronomic expression of a magical rural environment, where a unique flavour stands out, through know-how and the best quality Aragonese sheep’s milk.

Cured cheese Los Tambores characteristics

The cured cheese Los Tambores is a natural cheese, in which no preservatives are used. It is made from raw sheep’s milk and has a medium maturing period of about 12 months. In the last stage of maturing, the cheese is soaked in olive oil to strengthen the rind and prevent it from cracking.

It is a cylindrical cheese, and we offer it in a triangular wedge-shaped cut of about 240gr. Due to the natural curing process and the oil in which it has been wrapped, the cheese has a non-uniform straw-yellow crust, as it shows different shades. A clear sign that these cheeses are handmade one by one. Inside it has an Ivory-white colour and a consistent texture. It is a cheese with a powerful flavour, which conveys the intensity of Aragonese sheep’s milk.

Cured cheese Los Tambores Ingredients Ingredientes

The cured cheese Los Tambores is a living cheese, it evolves throughout its life. Only natural ingredients are used: milk from Aragon rasa sheep, rennet, salt and olive oil.

It is a cheese without preservatives or colourings, made with products of the highest quality. It does not contain gluten, so it is suitable for coeliacs.

The cured cheese Los Tambores of Teruel at an incredible price and with delivery all over Europe

A traditional cured cheese from Aragon. Made with sheep’s milk from the lands of Aragon. A quality artisan cheese. Enjoy the full range of typical Spanish cheeses, as well as the most outstanding products of Spanish gastronomy with free delivery throughout Europe.

240 gr. net weight (approximately)

Vacuum packed

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240 gr.
Sheep's milk, salt and rennet.
Contains lactose
vacuum packed
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net weight
Craftsman Cheese

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Cured Cheese Los Tambores