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Salted Iberico Bacon

400 g.
In stock

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The Iberian salted bacon is a product used in casseroles and stew dishes. We offer you a bacon piece of 400 gr, made in Extremadura and packed in a vacuum to guarantee its conservation.

At Gastronomic Spain, we have a wide variety of typical Spanish products, essential to cook dishes and traditional stews, such as: Compango and ham bones among others. In addition, we have a wide offer of typical elaborated dishes, that only have to be heated and served.

Characteristics of Iberian salted bacon:

The Iberian bacon is a product made from pork skin and the fat layers that are found under that. In general, it is a fatty product, although thin layers of pork lean can be found. In comparison to the traditional bacon, the Iberian salted one is a product that is only used for stews, since it has been cured in this excess of salt, which makes it so that it can be eaten without integrating it in a dish. One of the reasons why this product is used is that it provides grease and taste to the dishes.

Our Iberian salted bacon comes from Iberian pork breed of at least 50%. It is made by the family business Embutidos Nejosa and it comes in a 400 gr format and packed in a vacuum.

Visually, the bacon has a very white color, which prevails the fat. It has been lightly cured in salt before, which has meant that the product is whiten even more. Being integrated in other dishes, this excess of salt is diluted, distributing its taste in a homogeneous way. Once it is cooked, the bacon has a very white texture, even becoming viscous. One of the main Spanish traditional dishes where this product is used is the typical stew from Madrid.

Ingredients of Iberian salted bacon:

The ingredients of Iberian salted bacon are: Iberian bacon and salt.

Gluten and lactose free

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Ingredients of Iberian salted bacon

400 gr. net weight (approx)

Packed in a vacuum

Embutidos Nejosa

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Data sheet

400 g.
Iberian bacon and salt
Gluten free. This product may be subject to shrinkage.
vacuum packed
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net weight
400 g.

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Salted Iberico Bacon

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