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Torrezno from Soria

215 g.
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Bacon rashers Torreznos de Soria certified as a Guarantee Mark

Torreznos de Soria are fried strips of bacon, usually crispy and golden brown. These bacon rashers are, since 2013, a product from Castilla y Leon declared as a Guarantee Mark. In fact, Torreznos de Soria are well known and in demand throughout Spain.

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What are Torreznos from Soria?

Torreznos from Soria are fried strips of bacon, usually crispy and golden brown. The characteristic that makes them a unique product is the type of elaboration. They have dimensions of at least 1.5 cm and it’s essential that they have the skin. First, the skin is confit at low temperature until the typical bubbles appear. Secondly, it’s fried at high temperature, which makes the lean and bacon crispy on the outside.

It is a delicious, crunchy snack. They are usually consumed as an appetizer both hot and warm.

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Torreznos from Soria Qualities.

The difference between the torrezno from Soria and the rest of pancetta is the guarantee mark. It’s known as the pork belly, it’s one of the juiciest and tastiest parts of the pork. This quality mark guarantees that it has been elaborated according to the rules established by the regulations of use. It ensures a product of the highest quality certified by a company external to the regulatory council.

This product has fewer calories than you might think. Our torrezno comes precooked, which allows you to finish it in just 5 minutes. It is a gluten-free product so it is suitable for celiacs. The only ingredient of torrezno de Soria is the slices of pork belly.

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Although it is very common to find this product in supermarkets, outside Spain it is a very scarce product since pork is used for other purposes and this type of cut is not available. In addition, torreznos from Soria is only produced in the region of Soria.

Enjoy a good appetizer with Torreznos from Soria

Fed up with chips, peanuts, and olives? Change the traditional for something even more traditional but less common: torreznos from Soria.

If you are hosting a dinner for your friends or family, don't forget to serve some crispy and delicious torreznos from Soria. They are the key to success.

Torreznos from Soria are fried strips of bacon, usually crispy and golden brown. These types of torreznos from Soria are, since 2013, a product declared as Marca de Garantía de Castilla y León. In fact, torreznos from Soria are well known and very in demand throughout Spain.

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Torrezno from Soria