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Smoked Cecina piece

500 gr
In stock

Buy the best Smoked Cecina from León piece Online

Smoked Cecina from León piece. It is smoked over oak firewood and is completely natural, which gives it its great flavor. Our smoked Cecina from León piece comes from beef and is delicious.

What is Smoked Cecina from León piece?

Smoked Cecina from León (Cecina de León) is known as cow ham. It is a type of sausage made from noble cattle raised in the pastures of the mountains. Through these, the best select meats are obtained to elaborate the Leon jerky over time and the precise curing so that it adopts the best flavor.

Our smoked Cecina from León comes in a piece format of 500 gr. approximate. In addition to slicing to taste, it has a flavor and texture that no one will resist.

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Characteristics of smoked Cecina from León piece (Cecina de León en taco)

Cecina is a type of dehydrated beef of Spanish origin. It is characterized by being registered as a Protected Geographical Indication, that is, it is one of the quality regimes in the European Union that identifies a food product that originates in a certain place, in this case in León.

In addition to indicating the place of origin, the PGI also indicates the quality of the product. Therefore, it will be necessary for them to meet the requirements established by the Community Quality Regulation.

On the other hand, the format of our cecina from León is in a 500 gr block. approximate. A format that you can slice to taste. The smoked cecina from León piece is vacuum packed and ready to be consumed.

It should be noted that the cecina from León in taco has different shades of color, from cherry to garnet. In addition to presenting a light marbling of fat that will give it its juiciness.

How to make smoked Cecina from León in piece:

The production of the cecina from León in taco consists of six phases. A production process that will have a minimum duration of 7 months from the start of the salting:

  1. Profiling: it is the phase through which the different pieces are shaped that will become salty.
  2. Salty: its objective is to incorporate common salt into the muscle mass, in this way it favors dehydration and its perfect conservation. In addition, it contributes to the development of the color and aroma that characterizes jerky. They are placed stacked and covered with coarse-grained sea salt and take place at temperatures between 2º and 5ºC.
  3. Washing: the pieces are washed with lukewarm water to eliminate the salt adhering to the surface.
  4. Settlement: duration between 30 and 45 days, and allow to air dry. The water will be eliminated and it will favor the development of the characteristic microflora that produce the aroma and flavor of the jerky.
  5. Smoking: oak or holm oak wood will be used. Duration between 12 and 16 days.
  6. Curing: the pieces will be hung in dryers and they will be classified according to weight and conformation. The temperature to which they must be is between 10º and 12º C. And remain for a minimum of 7 months.

Don Jate and his smoked cecina from León piece

Don Jate is in charge of the artisan manufacture of sausage, especially smoked Cecina from León piece.

It is one of the reference brands, not only in the province of León, but throughout the Spanish territory and Gastronomic Spain gives you the opportunity to enjoy this typical Spanish product.

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500 gr. net weight

piece format

vacuum packed

Don Jate

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Data sheet

500 gr
part of beef leg, salt, antioxidants (E-311iii, E-301), preservative (E-252), sugar, dextrose
According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no allergens are contained.
vacuum packed
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Smoked Cecina piece