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Marinated Pork Bacon

400 gr
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Buy the marinated bacon:

We offer you a marinated bacon made in a typical Extremadura style. An ideal product to include in casseroles and stews, as for cutting and sautéing. It comes in a 400 gr format with skin and thickness of lean and fat about 4-5 cm.

Spanish bacon is a unique product, not comparable with the one that can be found abroad. If you are looking for another kind of product to include in casseroles and stews, you can find it here.

Characteristics of the marinated bacon:

The marinated bacon is made by Embutidos Nejosa, a company from Extremadura which has a long tradition in the elaboration of Iberian and white pork cold meats. This bacon comes in a 400 gr format and is cube-shaped. It includes the skin and the fat with lean marbling.

It has a white color with red specks because of the marinade with which it has been seasoned, in which paprika from la Vera with Denomination of Origin has been used. It is a piece with short curing, about 15-20 days, which gives it a soft consistency. Iberian pork meat has been used and generally cooking it is required in order to consume it. Although it could be raw-eaten.

When we refer to the marinated pork bacon, we talk about an elaboration process in which a traditional marinade is prepared with fresh and natural products, such as paprika, salt, garlic and natural spices for the pork bacon.

The marinated bacon requires a necessary process to the tastes and the aromas of such condiments are absorbed, hanging them on the hook for drying. In this way and a few days later, it will be perfect for its consumption.

It can be eaten in different ways; for instance a good sandwich of marinated bacon, but above all in casseroles, stews, vegetables and legumes. Products that you can find at Gastronomic Spain, as well as sobrasada from Mallorca or cured meat from León, some of our country’s classics. If you are interested in our products, do not hesitate to consult our online catalog.

Ingredients of the marinated bacon:

The marinated bacon has the following ingredients: pork bacon, paprika from la Vera of Denomination of Origin, garlic, salt, oregon, sugars, antioxidants (E-301, E-331), preservatives (E-250, E-252).

This product may be subject to shrinkage.

*Gastronomic Spain recommends keeping it cool and a previously cooked consumption.

400 gr, net weight (approx)

Packaging in a vacuum

Embutidos Nejosa

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Data sheet

400 gr
pork bacon, cayenne from la vera, salt, garlic, oregano, sugar, antioxidant (E-301, E-331), preservatives (E-250, E-252)
According to the EU regulation no allergens are contained.
vacuum packed
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net weight
400 gr

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Marinated Pork Bacon