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Smoked Cecina from Leon Sliced

100 gr
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Smoked Cecina from León, with I.G.P., is smoked on oak wood and is totally natural. Our Smoked Cecina from León is a gastronomic gem made from tender, juicy and slightly smoked beef.

Enjoy smoked Cecina from León from anywhere in Europe.

What is smoked Cecina from León sliced?

Smoked Cecina from León is a type of dehydrated beef of Spanish origin, especially our cecina comes from the province of Castilla y León, which is known as a Protected Geographical Indication.

Cecina de León is very similar to ham, but the meat used is beef and not pork.

Our smoked cecina from León sliced has an unmistakable flavor. In addition to being slightly smoked, it comes in a 100 gr sliced format. Enjoy the great taste of the authentic Léon jerky thanks to Gastronomic Spain. Check the different formats available.

Characteristics of the smoked Cecina from León sliced Palcarsa

The smoked cecina from Palcarsa is typical of León, designated as a Protected Geographical Indication by the Regulatory Council of Castilla y León.

This indication is a sign that is used in products that come from a specific locality or area. In addition, it also tells us that the specific quality of the product in question has been produced according to traditional methods and, therefore, is of guaranteed quality.

Our cecina from León is tender, juicy, slightly smoked and cured for (minimum) 7 months, that is, a delicious and very tasty beef.

It is a sliced format that consists of 100 gr. net weight and comes from Palcarsa.

Ingredients of the smoked cecina from León sliced

Beef, salt, sugar, acidity regulator (e-331), preservatives (E-252 and E-250).

Sliced product, lactose FREE and gluten FREE.

* Keep refrigerated.

Smoked Cecina de León sliced with Palcarsa

Since 1946, Palcarsa has been producing top quality, excellent tasting sausages with high food safety standards.

They are in the province of León making high quality sausage and cured meats. They are 100% natural products and with a great source of protein.

During 2020, Embutidos Palcarsa received 4 GREAT TASTE stars for jerky and extra chorizo, a prestigious international award that is accredited to select foods. Check our Palcarsa catalog.

Buy the best smoked cecina from León sliced online

Buying the best smoked cecina from León sliced online is easy thanks to Gastronomic Spain. Cecina de León, an infinity of sausages and a wide variety of Spanish products is what you will find in the online store.

Free shipping throughout Europe with orders over € 79.99 or € 89.99, depending on the area. Check conditions.

100 gr. net weight

sliced format

vacuum packed



Data sheet

100 gr
Beef, salt, sugar, acidity regulator (e-331), preservatives (E-252 and E-250).
According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no allergens are contained.

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Smoked Cecina from Leon Sliced