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Salted White Bones

350 gr
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Buying Salted White Bones Online

We present to you a mixture of salted pig bones that are great for cooking or using in different stews and dishes. These white bones come presented in a sealed plastic punnet. It weighs around 330 gr and it contains between 3 or 4 pieces. If you are interested in other kinds of bones to use in your stews, we can offer you ham of Teruel bones (with quite some meat) and Iberian ham bones.

The salted white bones is a product typically used in the Spanish gastronomy. We recommend you to buy them at Gastronomic Spain as it is impossible to find them abroad and we also offer free shipping to whole Europe, including United Kingdom, Switzerland and Norway.

Characteristics of the Slated White Bones

The bones are pig bones, mainly, from the backbone and the pig legs. These bones are made making them have a brine bath and then salting them with sea salt. In its manufacture natural ingredients have been used and no type of colouring either. It could be said that is an essential condiment for those who enjoy following traditional recipes and look for the taste to be the main character in their dishes.

In many places of Spain, this product is known as pig’s fixings. The salted white bones is a product used to enrich dishes, that is rich in calcium and sodium.

Ingredients of the Salted White Bones

The manufacture of this bones only needs of: pieces of pig’s bones, from the backbone and the legs, and sea salt.

Instructions for use of the Salted White Bones

The salted bones is a product used to make soups and stews. This product makes the best of itself when covered in water, generally with the rest of ingredients. It needs at least 40 minutes of cooking to provide all its flavour. It is a key ingredient to make the typica stew from Madrid and other dishes such as lentils, and also meat soups.

Sealed Punnet

Weight 350 gr approx.

Brand: Moreno Plaza

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Data sheet

350 gr
Pork shoulder bone, Salt.
does not contain allergens
vacuum packed
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Salted White Bones