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White bacon

500 gr.
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The white bacon is a typical Spanish product that made from the pig’s skin and the bacon layer attached to it. Is produced by Don Jate, a company from Teruel specialized in the elaboration of pork products.

The slices of white bacon in a raw product, slightly aired, with which the typical pork rinds are made. It is a product that can be fried or oven-cooked. If you are interested in typical Spanish pork dishes, in Gastronomic Spain we offer you a wide variety of rinds, “torreznos” and other offal products such as pig’s ear, pig’s snout and even pig’s trotters.

Characteristics of the white bacon:

The pork white bacon is presented in strips of 1cm of thickness and a length of at least 15cm. It weights about 500gr. and is vacuum packed. The bacon is obtained from the skin of the pig, it is composed of the skin itself and the superficial layer of pork fat. It is a raw product which needs to be cooked for consumption.

It is usually fried or baked. The result is a strip of bacon with a very crispy skin and dehydrated, juicy bacon. It has a light brown colour, with a smooth, hard and crispy outer texture, sometimes with bubbles in the rind due to frying and baking at low temperature. The white bacon has a straw-white colour, and an intense, fatty and delicious flavour.

This product is also known as “torreznos” or pork slices. It is made by the company Don Jate, a company from Teruel that specializes in pork products. “Torrezno” or bacon is a product considered to be offal, which is considered to be obtained from parts of animals that are usually discarded, such as ears, snouts, cheeks or the skin itself.

Ingredients of the white bacon:

The ingredients with which the white bacon is made are: pork bacon crossed with wild boar and salt.Gluten free and lactose free.

500gr. net weight (approx.)


Don Jate

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500 gr.
pork bacon crossed with wild boar and salt.
does not contain allergens
Don Jate

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White bacon