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Longaniza with Boletus

350 gr
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Buy the perfect longaniza for picoteo: Longaniza with Boletus

Buy the perfect longaniza to eat between meals: Longaniza with Boletus. A new and delicious longaniza.

Longaniza with boletus is one of the newest cold meats on the market, as well as one of the most demanded. Longaniza with boletus has a special texture, an exquisite scent and an unmistakable taste.

This kind of longaniza with boletus is a product elaborated with white pig meat from Teruel, which has been cured in natural casing. Ingredients of longaniza: pig meat and boletus from Albarracín, which is the special touch of longaniza, giving it an exceptional flavour and scent.

What is longaniza with boletus?

The boletus sausage is from Aragon, it fuses the meat of pigs, with which the Teruel Denomination of Origin ham is made, and the boletus edulis, one of the most appreciated mushrooms, considered the king of the forest.

This longaniza is a clear example of fusion between tradition and vanguard. Aragon’s sausage is one of the most traditional gastronomic references in Teruel and the boletus edulis from the Sierra de Albarracín is one of the most appreciated mushrooms in haute cuisine. This fusion results in a unique longaniza, which doesn’t go unnoticed and very, very tasty.

Buy longaniza from Aragon with Boletus Edulis

Boletus edulis, also called porros, or pumpkin mushrooms, add a very characteristic flavor to the sausage from Aragon. It’s one of the most innovative sausages on the market, as well as one of the most demanded by consumers that look for a quality product.

With Gastronomic Spain you can have this unique product anywhere in Europe. In each part of Europe sausages are elaborated in a certain way. However, having Spanish food with free shipping to anywhere in Europe, not only allows you to eat delicious products, but also discover new flavors.

Longaniza from Aragon with Boletus qualities.

The Aragon sausage is a spiced cold meat and has the shape of a horseshoe. It’s seasoned with boletus edulis mushrooms. These products originate from the province of Teruel. Other popular products come from Teruel porks, apart from the ham and shoulder with Denomination of Origin. This sausage is characterized by a medium curing period, a dark brown color and a firm but juicy texture. The small pieces of boletus edulis are visible to the eye.

It is a ready-to-eat longaniza, it’s not necessary to cook it and it’s perfect to eat at any time of the day. Since it has been elaborated with the finest natural pork casing, the feet are practically imperceptible and it can be eaten without difficulty. Aragon sausage has a delicate flavor, whose aroma lingers in the mouth. It’s a cured and air-dried sausage, with a soft texture. It comes vacuum-packed and weighs about 350 gr.

This longaniza, as well as the truffled sausages that we offer, are produced by Jamones Carbó, a company from Teruel that has been producing top quality hams and sausages for 4 generations.

Longaniza with boletus ingredients.

This type of longaniza with boletus is a product made with white pork meat from Teruel and cured in its natural casing. Ingredients: pork meat and boletus from Albarracín, the special touch of the longaniza, giving it an exceptional flavor and aroma.

It is a gluten-free product, suitable for coeliacs.

330 g. net weight approximate

whole piece longaniza with boletus

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Jamones Carbó

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350 gr
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330 gr
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Longaniza with Boletus